Cordless Hot Brush Or Cordless Flat Iron? Don’t Choose-Have Both!

Do you already have a cordless hair straightener and are not sure if a cordless hot brush is overkill? These hairstyling tools can overlap, but there are scenarios where one hairstyling tool outshines the other.

We’ll show you how both can co-exist and why it’s worth having both tools in your possession!

Lunata Cordless Hot Brush

Choose a Cordless Hot Brush For Sleek, Frizz-Free Hair

The Lunata Cordless Hot Brush is perfect for creating a sleek look. The ceramic mini plates paired with a wide temperature range that you can customize from 200ºF-450ºF for frizz-free hair on all hair types and textures.

Brush hair from root to tip, holding the ends with a bit of tension. Go over hair with the cordless hot brush above and below sections for a smooth hairstyle.

Don’t forget the small details that can bring a style together! Use the Lunata Style Me Carbon Fiber Comb to create a sharp part.

Lunata Cordless Hair Straightener

Choose a Cordless Flat Iron For Wavy Looks

Choose the Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ if you’re looking to curl and straighten hair. Flat iron waves are a modern take on waves that you can dress up or down.

The 1-inch titanium plates are perfect for creating these waves and are a great size that works well on hair of all lengths!

Lunata Cordless Hot Brush

Choose a Cordless Hot Brush For Blowouts At Home

The Lunata Cordless Hot Brush is a one and done hairstyling tool for at-home blowouts. Pair it with a few Lunata Beauty styling accessories and styling products for a salon-worthy look.

Use the Lunata Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush on dry hair to get rid of knots. Separate hair into sections with the Lunata Bite Me Alligator Hair Clips set. Brush through sections with the cordless hair brush under and over sections for sleek blowouts.

Pull front sections underneath the cordless hot brush, holding the section taut with the other hand.

Finish with the Lunata Hold Me Down Firm Hold Hair Spray to keep your blowout looking great and touch up if needed throughout the day!

Lunata Cordless Flat Iron

Choose a Cordless Flat Iron For Shorter Hair

Use the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+ to straighten or create curls on shorter length hair. It’s a more comfortable hairstyling tool on shorter hair than a cordless hot brush.

Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+

Choose a Cordless Flat Iron For Very Curly Hair

If you have very naturally curly hair, such as type 3 and 4 hair, the Lunata Cordless Flat Styler Plus+ is a good choice.

The titanium plates evenly heat style hair and transform spirals into a column of straight hair. Lunata’s cordless hair straightener can reach 450ºF and works on thin, fine hair to thick, coarse curly hair.

With 45 minutes of styling on a fully charged device, the Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ is the perfect hair straightener for very curly hair. Use it at home, on vacation, or on-the-go!

Visit the Lunata Beauty website to learn more about our Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ and Lunata Cordless Hair Brush, view videos of both tools in action, and more!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist