Lunata Beauty is on a mission to free you from cords. We combine beauty with technology to revolutionize the hair industry by creating innovative, game-changing, cordless hair tools that will give you gorgeous hair wherever you are. 


The Founders’ Story

Ever since we were young girls, we’ve spent countless hours parked in front of a mirror with a hair tool in hand. Over the years, straightening/curling our hair has become a right of passage and a task that most women couldn’t imagine their lives without. 

As we grew up, our time was spent more on the road, the office and running from one place to the next. We blew a few irons on international trips, did our hair in hotel hallways due to lack of plugs and have endured the frustration of countless hours spent trying to untangle our hair tools. We started to value convenience and speed, while not wanting to sacrifice the look of our hair, and then from there, Lunata Beauty was born!

To date, brands who have gone cordless did so as an extra, or an afterthought. The tools were butane powered, or mini-sized - so they were cute to throw in your bag, but really did nothing for your hair. The barrels were too small and didn't get hot enough. We've cracked the code on creating tools that not only get hot but last long enough for a day of styling/touch-ups.