Lunata has paved the way for cordless beauty tech: powerful, effective cordless tools are our expertise. We've cracked the code on creating full-sized high-performing tools that not only work just as well as your corded tools but last long enough for a day of cordless styling/touch-ups.  Learn more about what makes our tools so revolutionary.

Rapid Heat Technology: means your tool will heat up to the desired temperature in less than 1 minute and the tool will retain consistent heat for the full use time while checking the temperature of each plate 125 times per second

Works While Charging Technology: allows you to continue using your tool while it is plugged in and charging.  Make sure to plug your tool in before the battery drains completely and you will be able to continue styling your hair while the battery recharges at the same time.

Fast Charging Technology: allows our newest tools to charge quicker than ever.  For tools with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries the charge time is 1 hour and for tools with four batteries the charge time is 90 minutes.

Dual Voltage: is extremely important if you intend to travel with your hair tools.  This means that our tools can automatically convert the voltage of international outlets without requiring an electrical converter.  You will still require a travel adapter such as our Take Me Away World Adapter to plug in the charger.  Alternatively, you can purchase an International Charger for the UK and EU so that no travel adapter is required.