DID YOU KNOW? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Hair

There’s so much to know about hair–beyond what colour, cut and style you want to wear on a given day.

Trichology is a fascinating subject that’s more than the science of how to not lose your hair.

Here are five facts you didn’t know about hair. And five hair truths. The more you know!


FUN FACT #1 Going gray could just be temporary.

Stress got you down lately? Not so much a fun fact, but some potential good news: not all gray hairs stay gray. There have been some cases, mostly anecdotal outliers, where people have had their gray hairs have spontaneously reverted to their natural colour.


Did you know? 5 things you didn’t know about your hair



There’s no science to explain this yet, nor have there been many instances of this happening. But there’s hope out there!


FUN FACT #2 Bald patches and hair loss could be temporary too! 

Have you just given birth? Gone through a massive rough patch or traumatic experience? Your hair changes may be temporary. Alopecia, however, and other autoimmune responses can also induce hair loss and bald spots. Those changes may be permanent.


Extensions may be a tempting and easy solution. But beware. Long-term use of extensions can do more harm than good. Hair extensions must be properly fitted to your head and be maintained. And don't try to remove them without some professional help.


During stressful times, make sure to treat your hair with kid gloves and focus on rehab and healthy re-growth. Step back from colour, aggressive or constant styling and secure your hair loosely with a scrunchie or tangle-free tie. Brush your hair the right way with the right hairbrush and tools for you.

FUN FACT #3 If you’re a (natural) blonde, you likely have more hair than the rest of us.


Blondes have a full head of hair. On average, natural blonds have more hair on their head compared to other colours. About 7.5 times more hair than other colours.

However, with this good news is some bad news. Daily shedding amongst natural blondes is the highest during the telogen phase. (Don't worry! Hair grows back!)

FUN FACT #4 Hair texture can change.


There are some things you know won’t change. The alliance to your favourite sports team. (Go Raps!) Or maybe you will always hate kale, no matter how healthy or trendy it is. (We won’t tell.)


Whatever it is, don’t consider what your hair texture is to be constant. It may not change every seven years but it may change with age and life changes.



FUN FACT #5 Going gray? It may be harder to colour your hair.


If embracing your gray hair isn’t something you want to do just yet, there is always colour. But your gray hair might have difficulties in taking that colour properly. Consider consulting your favourite stylist to discuss a plan of action. At least the first time!



























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