Hair Styling Tips To Protect Your Hair From Winter

Dry and brittle hair, hat hair, split hair: these are just a few examples of the havoc winter can do to your hair.

But with a few hairstyling tips and some Belisa By Lunata hair tools and styling accessories, you can move through this winter with better hair days!

Apply a Mask For Extra Moisture

Winter’s brutal weather can take a toll on your hair. Make sure that you’re using ample amounts of conditioner or a regular hair mask to add moisture back into your hair. Distribute your conditioning treatments evenly with the Belisa By Lunata Wide Tooth Comb.

Keep it with you in the shower, along with a shower cap, and let your treatments do their work.

A hydrating hair serum is also a good idea to consider if you regularly heat style your hair!

Belisa By Lunata Cordless Flat Iron
(@Dani Dasilva with the Belisa By Lunata Cordless Flat Iron)

Use a Cordless Hair Tool For Long-Lasting Style

A reliable hair tool can help stave off any more hair damage you’ve incurred during winter.

The Belisa By Lunata Cordless Flat Iron lets you style your hair between 200ºF-420ºF with 40 minutes wireless use on a full battery. The Belisa By Lunata Cordless Curling Wand and Belisa By Lunata Cordless Curling Iron With Clip style hair between 200ºF-400ºF and can be used wirelessly for 35 minutes on a fully charged device. If you do run out of battery while stying, plug it in and it will work seamlessly!

With titanium components in all Belisa By Lunata cordless hair tools, each tool is a great hairstyling tool no matter your hair type!

Titanium can get hot quickly and retains that temperature evenly across the material for a uniform hairstyle. It also means less time styling your hair and eliminating the need for multiple passes on sections with your flat iron!

Avoid using a temperature too hot for your hair by checking the display and adjusting the temperature to one your hair can tolerate. If you’re not sure what temperature to use, style your hair between 300ºF to 325ºF to start. Gradually adjust the heat up or down until you find your perfect temperature! And with the clear display between the buttons, you’ll know when you reach the ideal temperature for your hair!

Prolong Your Hairstyle With Hairspray

The Belisa By Lunata cordless hair tools can create hairstyles that last a day or two, but there are other things you can do to prolong a style. Use a firm hold hairspray after hairstyling to create a long-lasting hairstyle.

To keep your hairstyle intact overnight, tie your hair up in a bun if you’ve styled your hair curly or wavy. Encourage day two hair back into shape with a curl refreshing spray. Use it on dry or damp hair and scrunch hair back into place!

Visit Lunata Beauty to learn more about our Belisa By Lunata Cordless Flat Iron, Belisa By Lunata Cordless Curling Wand or Belisa By Lunata Cordless Curling Iron With Clip. And check our tools in action by searching our tag #lunatabeauty via TikTok or Instagram!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist