Flattering Hair Styles With A Middle Part

Think middle parts are unflattering? Think again!

TikTok might have some dubious beauty tips, but sometimes those beauty tips strike gold. And middle parts are one of those things worth a review, thanks to social media and legions of Gen Z fans.

Middle Parts vs. Side Parts

More than a generational divide, middle parts and side parts give very different looks. Traditionally side parts not only add volume but also a dash of mystery.

But middle parts have gained a resurgence. In comparison to the very popular side part, a middle part looks fresh and modern. And we’ll show you it can be fashionable too!

Lunata Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush

Make a middle part work for you

Training your hair to go into a middle part takes time and patience, but it’s doable! If your hair isn’t cooperating, use a hairdryer and the Lunata Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush to style a middle part.

Create a strong and sharp part with the tail end of the Lunata Style Me Carbon Fiber Comb.

Fight flat hair by spraying roots with the Lunata Make Me Last Dry Shampoo and massage in.

Backcomb hair after styling with the Lunata Style Me Carbon Fiber Comb to add lift.

If you prefer wearing a middle part, especially worn straight, take care of trims with the Lunata Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit.

Lunata Cordless Flat Iron

Straight middle part hairstyles

A classic 90s hairstyle, the straight middle part works for any occasion. It can be easily achieved, but wearing a straight-styled middle part takes a lot of confidence.

Keep hair pin straight for a sleek look or tuck ends in by flicking the Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ for a very 90s throwback!

When it comes to hair near your part, add a bit of lift with the hair straightener. Keep the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+ close to the root, lifting hair vertically.

Or keep it slicked back and close to your head. Put baby hairs in their place with the Lunata Hold Me Down Firm Hold Hair Spray and a clean eyebrow spoolie.

Finish by spraying hairspray to set your look!


Lunata Cordless Curling Wand

Wavy middle part hairstyles

If you’re feeling a bit reluctant to switch your part, try a middle part with loose curls or waves.

The movement and texture from the waves can be a great starting style if you’re not comfortable with a straight-styled middle part.

Choose your curler. The Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ gives great waves on short or long hair. The Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand is a great choice for longer lengths. With the 1.25-inch barrel, these slightly larger waves or curls are flattering on shoulder-length hair or longer. Take the curling wand attachment off for a looser look or keep the clamp on to create a bouncy wave.

Have you been swayed into trying a middle part? We’d love to see how you style your middle part with our Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ or Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand. Share it with us on social media via Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist