Hairstyling Tools For Naturally Curly Hair

Embracing natural curls or waves can be a long process of trial and error, especially if you’ve had a love affair with your flat iron.

We’ll show you how you can restore your natural curl pattern with the help of some of our favourite Belisa by Lunata styling accessories. A better wash day awaits!

Belisa By Lunata Wide Tooth Comb


One of the biggest changes that comes from transitioning to a curly hair routine is the lack of combing or brushing. The only exception, it seems, is in the shower.

Detangle hair with the Belisa Wide Tooth Comb, a perfect tool for wash days. The handy hook handle is easy to store in the shower.

Use it to comb through conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Or use it to evenly apply hair masks or other treatments to prep for your curls.

Belisa By Lunata Alligator Hair Clips

Style curls

Part hair into sections with Belisa Alligator Clips, which can accommodate fine to thick hair. Don’t let this small pack of four fool you - the adjustable clip can hold a surprising amount of hair!

Start by sections, optionally combing through with the Belisa Wide Tooth Comb and apply your styling products. Coil, scrunch or bounce your curls into formation and apply your finishing mousse or gel.

Belisa By Lunata Creaseless Hair Pins

Clip curls for volume

If your natural curls are lacking volume, there’s an easy fix for that! Clip curls back to the root with Belisa Creaseless Hair Pins. Leave these hair clips on until hair is fully dry if you’re air drying hair, or, until you diffuse.

Wear these versatile clips outside as hair accessories or wear them while you apply skin care or do your makeup.

Belisa By Lunata Cordless Flat Iron

Style hair straight

Embracing your natural curls doesn’t mean you need to style your hair curly every day.

For the times when you do want to style hair straight, opt for a good hair straightener. The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron is a high-performing hair straightener.

Its titanium plates, paired with a temperature range of 200ºF-420ºF, can transform curls or waves into a sleek, straight waterfall. Curly or wavy hair can technically use a higher temperature, though you might require a temperature at the lower end depending on if you have fine or colour-treated hair.

Use the hair straightener on cordless mode for up to 40 minutes when it’s fully charged or use it plugged in with Works While Charging (WWC) technology if you run out of power or can’t wait for a full charge.

Curl your hair anytime with the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron whether that’s at home, at work or on holiday. The included heat-proof sleeve and lockable mechanism make this wireless hair straightener easy to transport. It’ll store safely in your gym bag or carry-on luggage before your first use.

And, since it’s dual-voltage, it’s your best friend when you go on holiday!

How have you used Belisa by Lunata products to embrace your natural curls? Show us and the curly-haired community your tips and tricks to bouncy curls and waves by tagging us on Instagram or Tiktok!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist