How to do university at home

Bummed that university will look differently this year? Maybe you’re stuck at home for your first year or you’re in residence with limited classes and facilities. Whatever your situation, below are a few ways you can make the most of this unique start!

Make room for your stuff

If you’re fighting over the bathroom, make things easy and streamline your daily toiletries and brushes. 

If you don’t already have one, it’s worth it to have a shower caddy or small container of the toiletries. It will keep everything tidy and maximize the scant time you’ll have to get ready. 

When university life goes back to normal, you can reuse the caddy at your dorm. For now, stow it under the sink or take it back with you to your room.  

Aim to use up extra toiletries. Downsize accessories like hairbrushes, makeup brushes and hair ties. Rid yourself of things that are ratty and old and think about your needs moving forward.

Our detangling mini brush is a great brush for your bag–and your main brush at home, if you’ve got shorter hair. On the other hand, our paddle brush is a great complement to our cordless curling wand and works for all hair textures and lengths.

Get ready

Our cordless curling wand doesn’t tether you to an outlet. If the bathroom line is too long, get ready in front of a mirror, by your desk or around your room.

Its slim profile makes the cordless curling wand easy to store anywhere–from a drawer to your gym bag. And with its rose gold barrel, it’s a stylish addition to leave on your desk or vanity! 

Save on the expense of a silicone mat. Our cordless curling wand comes with its own silicone sleeve, conveniently wrapped around the barrel to protect it. 

Find a quiet place to study

With libraries closed and campus access limited, dead corners where you can concentrate–or catnap–are elusive. If you can’t find that space at home, get creative! Try your car, the porch or a park–weather permitting–if your space is too distracting. 

Be social

If frosh week hasn’t happened yet, force yourself to attend as many events as you can. If it has, keep your pulse on campus life for at least the first two months to make new friends and connections with clubs and associations. 

If you’re not in a cohort, it can be difficult to make friends with people in your classes. Try your luck with events held in your department!

Get out of the house and meet friends IRL

If you hit it off with someone, head offline to meet for coffee. Don’t forget to connect with your high school friends who may have stayed home this year! 

Whether you’re meeting for a study session or to hang out, dress up! Curls or waves styled by the cordless curling wand don’t take a lot of time to create and are a low-effort way of looking put together!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist