Sleek Morning Hair With Lunata Beauty

This stunning look won’t take too much time, but it’ll look like you spent an hour – at least – to have it done.

Have more days where it looks like you’ve just been to the salon from the comfort of your home! Our Lunata Cordless Hot Brush can help frequent fans of the blowout save time and money!

Even on the busiest days, our Lunata Cordless Hot Brush can be your secret weapon to an easy, sleek style for any occasion!

Lunata Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush


Our Lunata Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush is the perfect tool to get rid of messy morning hair quickly and painlessly.

Use our full-sized brush on dry hair, brushing your hair from the ends and gradually brushing upwards until you’re brushing your hair from roots to tips.

The nylon bristles are capped to quickly glide through your hair without snagging on your strands. Detangle again in the shower after applying conditioner.

Use the Lunata Bite Me Alligator Clips on damp hair to separate your hair into sections for heat styling. Use it to thoroughly blow dry hair by sections. Re-section hair again when you use the hot brush.


Heat protectant will keep the effects of frequent hair styling at bay. Use it to insulate your hair from dryness, breakage and snapping that can occur on hair that is frequently heat styled.

Spray Lunata Protect Me Heat Protectant on sections right before you heat style them.

Be generous. Make sure to coat your hair evenly along your sections!

Lunata Cordless Hot Brush
(IG@oursmalltownsquad with the Lunata Cordless Hot Brush)


Preheat your Lunata Cordless Hot Brush to your preferred temperature. It can be adjusted to temperatures from 200ºF to 450ºF. Adjust the brush to the perfect temperature for you.

With the buttons right next to the screen, it’s so easy to make sure you’re always working with a temperature personalized for your hair type and texture!

Its bristles are mini ceramic plates which cut down on frizz and smooth hair.  

Take your sections and pull your Lunata Cordless Hot Brush through, using your other hand to create a little tension. To create very sleek hair, comb through sections by passing your Lunata Cordless Hot Brush above and below your sections.

For ends, curl your Lunata Cordless Hot Brush towards you or go underneath sections and flick ends away from your face.


This look is all about the details.

Once your hair has cooled, take a few drops of the Lunata Tame Me Gloss Serum and apply from mid-length to the ends for a boost of shine. It’s suitable for all hair types, and its lightweight formula adds a boost of hydration to your hair!

If you have dry and coarse hair, try the Lunata Make Me Shine Gloss Spray. It’s a weightless formula that will give that final touch to your blow out!

Fans of the at-home blowout can visit the Lunata Beauty website to order the Lunata Cordless Hot Brush and Lunata styling products to recreate the look at home!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist