Simple hairstyles for school

Did you sleep in? 

If there is one good thing about a virtual semester, it’s this: you can still attend class even if you’ve stayed in bed longer than you should.

These simple hairstyles are quick, easy and Zoom ready–that is, keep the focus on your face–important for any class where you want to make friends or study buddies.

The fancy braid

Use your trusty paddle brush to gather and detangle hair. Braid hair into whichever braid is the easiest for you. 

If you have shorter hair, consider just braiding any bangs or front sections or splitting the braid into two. If the paddle brush is too unwieldy for your hair, try our detangling mini, which can fit in your palm and can be a great companion at home and in your bag. If you did a front braid, secure it with a small elastic and a few hairpins.

Use a hairband or decorative hair clip to create visual interest in the front or keep any baby hairs off your face.

Loose curls

Our cordless curling wand can heat up in no time and allow you to curl your hair while letting you grab a quick breakfast and get you to your computer on time. 

Curling your hair will likely take longer than ten minutes if you have a lot of hair, so save this one for days you aren’t running really late.

If you’re set on styling, try looser waves which won’t really require hairspray and can look casual and undone. 

For full curls, it pays to get up a bit earlier to ensure that hair is uniform and just the way you like it!

The textured bun

If your curls made it through the night but you don’t want to leave them loose and touch them up with the cordless curling wand, put it up in a bun. 

If you’ve got the length, try a high bun. Shorter lengths can do a high bun, with a lot of hairpins at the back, or a low bun. 

Leave bangs out if they don’t get in your way or sweep them up or over with hairpins if they are growing out.

Voluminous half up-do

Backcomb your hair with the paddle brush or detangling mini and gather hair at the top of your head and secure this section with a nice clip, barrette or elastic.


Half updos look really great styled with straight or textured hair. Use the cordless curling wand on loose hair if you have the time!


Leave it loose


If styling is not an option, take your paddle brush or detangling mini and brush tangles out. Try a deep side part. Flip your hair back and forth and backcomb before you make your side part. If you don’t have the time, put a bit of dry shampoo or texture spray at the roots to create a voluminous side part. 


Leave hair as is or take your cordless curling wand and create some very loose waves and bring the textured look down the length of your hair.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist