Spring cleaning: How to Marie Kondo your beauty routine

Spring is a time for change–flowers are blooming, snow is finally melting and you can stop hiding at home all the time. Usher in the change by doing some spring cleaning. Carve some time this weekend to put all the winter stuff away, recycle those empties and put all the things you love front and centre! Your future self will thank you!


Get clear on what you want.


An important– often dismissed–step in the Konmari method is to visualize. Take a few minutes to clear your head and imagine. Who are you in your ideal space and what are you doing? How long do you want your daily beauty regimen to take? What are you doing and where are you going?


Take everything out.


Root out all those ignored shampoo bottles, the half-used styling gels and the retired dryers and hair straighteners you forgot you had. Set aside anything that’s expired, doesn’t work for you and is no longer something you use or want to use.


Dispose responsibly.


You’ve likely got two piles, one disproportionately larger than the other. Raise your hand if this is the discard pile! Discarding large piles of stuff is a rite of passage for almost anyone doing the Konmari method. Before you chuck everything in the trash, keep this in mind: hair products, and beauty packaging in general, are notoriously hard to recycle.


Check your curb side recycling program to see what is accepted. If you don’t have a robust system or want to be on the safe side, send your rinsed-out empties to recycling programs with Terracycle or L’occitane, which take beauty packaging from all brands.


Host a swap between friends for things you’ve lightly used. If you regularly entertain, consider relegating consumable items to the guest room. And donate–but only to people whom would be a good fit.


Donate unused and unopened items to a cause close to your heart, such as a shelter. Consider donating or selling your hair tools if they are still in good working condition. Recycling is also an option–check what you can recycle in your area at a depot or specialized recycling agency.


Arrange and style.


It’s time to arrange your things. Harness the values and vision from earlier and play with arrangements before you rush out to buy storage.


Some Parting Tips:


Organize your essentials and keep them in view, so you’re never wasting time looking for your favourite hair ties.

Minimize your accessories. Unless you love a specific item, opt for something that’s versatile. Use a scarf in lieu of a hairband or keep a multipurpose oil instead of the hair mask you barely use. While we’re at it, consider going cordless and save your chargers and power outlets for things that really need them: your phone and power bank. May we suggest the Lunata hair cordless touch-up styler or curling wand


This is a transitional time, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t finished decluttering! Celebrate what you’ve accomplished and keep

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist