Working (out) from home: the other WFH


Cooped up at home? That’s no excuse to brush off your fitness goals! Whether you’re sheltering in place or going outside for your daily dose of exercise, there are plenty of options to stay fit and healthy!




Before you hit Amazon, see what you can find that can work as exercise equipment.


Pillows, blankets and towels can moonlight as yoga props. No kettlebells or weights around? Makeshift dumbbells can be found in bags of produce; bundled books, canned food and sacks of grains.




Instagram and YouTube are a goldmine for low-cost resources for exercises. Join IG lives to do a yoga routine with a favourite teacher, check posts and videos for exercises, challenges and live classes. All for free!

If you’ve joined a gym or studio, check their website and social accounts to see what they’re offering. Always wanted to try one? Check to see if their holding virtual classes–a great way to try out a new gym or regimen at a discounted cost!




Gather all your supplies–your playlist, your water bottle, your mat and all your exercise equipment. But before you start–make sure your hair is prepped for your workout. There’s nothing like having hair in your face to ruin a workout!


Standard hairstyles that can keep up with sweaty sessions are buns, braids and ponytails. For extra oomph on your run or during your HIIT session, try a ponytail with curled hair. Brush hair to rid out tangles and curl hair with our cordless hair straightener or our cordless curling iron/wand, depending on the look you’re going for. Bring hair into a high pony and secure!


Fishtail, French and Dutch braids look cute and hold up to high-intensity workouts.


Wear hair loose or, if you’re tying it up, think about placement. Nothing can break you out of that zen space fast than bumping against your ponytail when you lie down in savasana! If you want to keep hair tied, think about tying hair back in a lower position or to the side.

Loose hair is also great for activities that are slower-paced. Simply pin back front pieces if they bother you with hairpins, a headband or a front braid.

4. Have a game plan for cool down and post-workout.


It might be hard to take a shower after your workout, even if you never leave the house. Kids or your partner might beat you to the bathroom or distract you with a personal issue.


Apply dry shampoo before you start your workout to absorb sweat. If your hairstyle has wilted after your workout, re-style buns or topknots into loose waves or tidy up your ponytail or braid.


If your hair was loose, consider straightening it or curling it lightly and going in with some texture spray if your scalp is also a bit greasy.

Enjoy the endorphins!







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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist