Belisa by Lunata 1" Cordless Curling Iron With Clip

$64.99 $110

Cordless beauty for all.

Finally, a cordless curling iron that actually works! No butane here.

Featuring high powered rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this 1” titanium curling iron will be your new styling BFF.

Create amazing curls and waves on the go that will last for days. The curling iron will hold a charge for 30-35 minutes and reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit with multiple heat settings. The titanium barrel locks in your curls for days! Works both unplugged, and plugged in with our new WWC technology.

Let's Get Technical:

  • Cordless
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion 3500 mAh batteries
  • 1” Titanium barrel with clip
  • Adjustable temperature from 200° F-400° F
  • Works plugged in and unplugged
  • Lasts for 30-35 minutes on a single charge
  • Charges fully in 2.5-3 hours
  • Dual voltage 100-240V
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit interchangeable
  • Energy efficient, rapid heating
  • Digital temperature and battery indicator

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