Belisa by Lunata 1" Cordless Curling Iron With Clip

39 reviews

Cordless beauty for all.

Finally, a cordless curling iron that actually works! No butane here.

Featuring high powered rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this 1” titanium curling iron will be your new styling BFF.

Create amazing curls and waves on the go that will last for days. The curling iron will hold a charge for 30-35 minutes and reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit with multiple heat settings. The titanium barrel locks in your curls for days! Works both unplugged, and plugged in with our new WWC technology.

Let's Get Technical:

  • Cordless
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion 3500 mAh batteries
  • 1” Titanium barrel with clip
  • Adjustable temperature from 200° F-400° F
  • Works plugged in and unplugged
  • Lasts for 30-35 minutes on a single charge
  • Charges fully in 2.5-3 hours
  • Dual voltage 100-240V
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit interchangeable
  • Energy efficient, rapid heating
  • Digital temperature and battery indicator
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The best curling iron!

I love everything about this curling iron! For starters, I really dislike cords because they're always in the way! I love that I can use this curling iron, literally anywhere! It only takes a few hours to be fully charged, and stays charged the entire time I'm using it and then some. I also like that it can be used with a cord, when need be. I really like that I can control the temperature on it and that it has a lower temperature setting option of 200° all the way too 400°. My hair is fairly thin and typically doesn't hold curls very well, but with this curling iron, my curls hold all day! While it is a little on the pricey side, I feel it is worth every penny!

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Great Curling Iron

I received the Belisa by Lunata Cordless 1 " Curling Iron with clip. This curling lron is cord-free and rechargeable. Included is the curling iron, charging cord, and a silicone sleeve. The curling iron is easy to charge. There is a spot on the bottom of curling iron that you plug the charger into. The charging cord is fairly long. That is good because you can use the curling iron while plugged in if needed. It takes 2.5-3 hours to charge however. And when charged the curling iron will work for about 35 minutes. I found that a short time to use compared to the charging time. However because the curling iron can be used plugged in, I felt the use time did not matter much unless you have no where to plug the curling iron in. There are three buttons on the front of curling iron. There is one power button, one + and one - button. The power button has nothing on it. I found it hard to slide the power button because it is smooth and flat. The digital screen is very easy to read. The screen has the temperature and charged strength. The curling iron temps range from 200 to 400. Its very easy to change temperature. The temperature goes up or down in tens. A nice feature is when you power off the curling iron it will stay at the temperature it was previous when you power back on. You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius easily by holding both buttons down. The iron gets hot very fast. With in a few minutes it was at max temperature. The curling iron is 1" in diameter it has a small top which is about 3/4". I found the top part to be to small and often burned my fingers. I felt the curling iron curled my hair very easily. There is a small stand on back of the curling iron. This stand will keep the curling iron off your surfaces. The stand works well. The curling iron did not easily tip over. When finished using. There is a silicone sleeve that comes with the curling iron. It is very easy to slide on and off. The iron however takes awhile to cool down and the silicone sleeve does get very hot if placed on curling iron when hot. The curling iron works good and is great that you can use it anywhere.

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This cordless curling iron is amazing!

I love this iron... it’s cordless... gets hot enough to beep the curls in my hair all day... best one I’ve tried in a long time!

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The Belisa curling iron is very convenient! It's cord free, battery operated and rechargeable. It has adjustable temperature and will last 30 - 35 minutes on a single charge. Great for travel and gives long lasting curls,

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Convenience With a Capital C !

This cordless curling iron has been a game changer for me in more ways than one. I love that I can go to work, sit in the parking lot in my car and curl my hair, not having to worry if I'm gonna be late. I can even freshen up my curls during lunchtime, if needed. Taking this iron camping or traveling has so many perks as well. The iron comes with a silicone sleeve so that you can pack it while it's still warm. It has a digital screen that shows the temperature as it climbs to the desired temperature setting. It's easy to use, and does a great job making tight curls. The handle is comfortable and the titanium barrel slides easily through my hair. Works while plugged in and unplugged. Fully charged in about 2 and a half to 3 hours and holds a charge for about 30 minutes. Great quality iron, I feel so pampered.

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