The Charging Station (SHIPPING TO USA ONLY)

$35 USD

SHIPPING TO USA ONLY>Meet The Charging Station, the perfect companion for styling on the go.  This charger carries an extra set of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for the Lunata Styler Plus+ and also doubles as a power bank to charge your other electronic devices.

For use only to charge previous generations of the LUNATA Styler Plus+ that has removeable batteries - (works with WWC and non-WWC models).
1. When charging batteries, the light on the right side will be red, and the light will turn to green when charged fully.
2. When using as a power bank to charge a smart phone, the light on the left side will be

Lithium-ion batteries- set of 2: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Model: INR21700 M50T
Capacity: DC 3.63V 5000mAh
Charging Voltage Limited: 4.2V
Power: 18.20Wh

For use with the Lunata Cordless Styler Plus+ only.  Cord not included