The Lunata Hair Wireless Cordless Styler


Congratulations on your purchase of a Lunata Hair Cordless Styler! We know you're going to love it. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your styler:


1. Keep the heat Because the styler runs on battery power, it will lose heat as it’s being used (when the plates are open). To combat this, lock the iron in between styling sections of hair (or sides of your head) to allow the styler to heat back up again.

2. Charge it up The styler must be at least 50% charged to get to maximum heat, so we recommend charging it nightly just like you would your smartphone or laptop.

3. Try new styles Thanks to the 1” plates and tapered style, the Lunata Styler is perfect for creating curls. To create this look, twist and pull the hair down through the iron taking small 1" sections. For a sleek look, pull the hair downward through the iron without twisting. 

4. Experiment You can experiment with what heat settings are best for your hair and the look you are trying to achieve. Generally, thin, straight hair requires lower heat, while coarse, wavy or curly hair needs higher heat.

5. Protect it Make sure to lock the iron when not in use, and replace the silicone sleeve to protect your bag or other surfaces from the heat.

Remember, the Lunata Wireless Styler is not meant to replace your corded hair tools, but it’s perfect for touch-ups on the go or for creating soft curls or waves.