4 Valentine's Day hairstyles for your at-home and virtual dates

Stuck at home with your partner? You can still have a fun time–even if you’re not doing a big, traditional Valentine’s Day this year.

And if you’re exploring a new love, have a fun virtual Valentine’s Day with picks for video dates that won’t leave you bored!



Game night

Spend time offline and play a board game!

Paint and Sip

Grab a bottle of wine and a couple of canvases and play. This is a great one to do at-home with your partner or virtually with a new person.

Do a trust exercise

Cut each other’s hair with the Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit found in the Cupid Made Me Do It Bundle.

The Groom Me Hair-Cutting Kit comes with a pair of cutting shears, thinning shears, a set of Bite Me Alligator Hair Clips and two combs.

Don’t worry if things aren’t perfect–that’s where styling can come in! Use the Detangle Me Wet/Dry Brush together with any of our cordless hair tools and styling products!

At-home Valentine’s Day hairstyle: curly half up-do (2 ways)

Wear your heart in your hair with this hairstyle. Curl hair with the Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand and leave it to cool. Gather strands by your temples to create and shape the sections into a heart.

Alternatively, curl hair with the Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand to curl hair into loose waves. Once the waves have cooled, set aside the sections by your temples. Braid the sections until the reach the back of your head and can be fastened together. Secure the braid with an elastic.


Have a dinner trust exercise

Pick each other’s takeout and discuss your choices over the call and your favourite bottle of wine.  

Take an online gym class

Sign up for a class together and catch up after the session. Don’t forget to use the TSA-sized Make Me Last Dry Shampoo before your call!

Do a crossword over brunch

The Washington Post crosswords can be done with a partner over some coffee and breakfast.

Virtual hairstyles for your Valentine’s Day: loose curls (2 ways)

Take a shortcut with your hairstyle–we give you permission! Use the Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand to curl your hair, paying special attention to the area framing your face. Skip the rest of your head!

To create wide curls, take 1-2” sections of hair and wrap them flat along the barrel of the wand.

To create spiral curls, take 1/2-1” sections of hair and twist hair down the entire length. Wrap the twisted sections onto the barrel of the curling iron. This works especially well on sections framing your face.

Finish the curls with the Hold Me Down Firm Hold Hair Spray–a TSA-sized version can be found in our Love My Curls Bundle!

Do you love curly hair as much as we do? Check the rest of our Valentine’s Day Bundles to save on cordless hair tools and accessories!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist