5 Reasons The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron Is Your Perfect Travel Companion

Our Belisa cordless hair tools work well at home, but really shine when they travel with you. The newest hair tool, the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron, is a perfect travel companion whether you’re staying close to home or bringing it on your long-awaited holiday.


Take the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron can be taken anywhere from your handbag to your carry-on. Its slim profile and light weight and included easy lock mechanism makes this an ideal tool wherever and whenever you travel.

The locking mechanism is a great function, anytime, but especially when you’re on the move. There’s no need to worry about damage to the other items that you carry or any accidental brushes with a warm flat iron.  

Together with the silicone to cover the plates, the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron can be safely stowed in your handbag or luggage.

Rapid heat up time

If you’re on the move, chances are you don’t have much time to spare. The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron heats up incredibly fast. Just press the power button and wait 60 seconds for the hair straightener to reach its maximum temperature of 420ºF. Near the power button are easy press buttons to adjust the temperature to a setting for your hair type.

Along with the heat up time, styling is all the more fast with the hair straightener’s 1-inch titanium plates. Since the plates retain heat well, sections don’t need to be on the flat iron for a long time to create a lasting style.

Faster charge

Don’t have a lot of downtime? Our Belisa Cordless Flat Iron doesn’t need much–it can be fully charged in 60 minutes. Plug it in and have it charge in the background while you get ready for the morning, while you work through a layover, while you pack or during your workday.

Can’t wait for your hair straightener to charge before you use it? With Works While Charging technology, you can use the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron while it’s plugged into an outlet!

Straight and curly styles

The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron is a great option for straight and curly styles on the go. Maybe you want to change your look midday, if you’re heading somewhere overnight or you’re going for a longer excursion.

The flat iron can create many curly and wavy styles, including loose waves and ribbon curls, in addition to straight and sleek styles.

Works anywhere

The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron can work on cordless mode for up to 40 minutes. More than enough time for a touch up and enough time to quickly style hair. Like all Belisa cordless hair tools, the hair straightener is also dual-voltage and the perfect option to take with you on your travels.

What are your requirements for a hair tool that you can travel with? To figure out if the Belisa Cordless Flat Iron is for you, head to the our website to learn more about it or our other cordless tools, the Belisa Cordless Curling Iron With Clip and Belisa Cordless Curling Wand.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist