A Shopping List of Your First Year Hair Care Essentials

Headed to campus? We’ve got suggestions for what to bring with you whether heading you’re heading to a dorm for the first time or the first time in a long time!

Read on to check which of these you can cross of the list and those you still need to grab before orientation!

Toiletry Tote

A toiletry tote is second only to shower slippers in importance. Choose a shower caddy that will work for a semester or more. Look for a durable tote with a sturdy handle, lots of pockets for organization in a breathable material.

Find one big enough to take all your shower essentials, including a versatile detangling brush you can use wet or dry! Use it pre-shower to brush out tangles and use it in the shower to distribute conditioner and styling products.

Your essential tech

If your curling wand or hair straightener is a daily essential, don’t leave it behind! Pack all your essentials–that includes your beauty tools. The Belisa hair tools have temperature ranges of 200-420ºF, which makes these tools a great choice no matter what your hair type or hair texture is.

Even with an extension cord, it can get stifling styling with a tether. Opt for a cordless hair tool you can take anywhere–even if it’s from one corner of your bed to your desk!

Our cordless tools also travel well–whether that’s too your campus gym, a weekend trip or to the bathroom. Without cords the styling opportunities, and when they happen, are limitless.

And for an exchange abroad, hopefully soon, rest assured you can take your Belisa cordless hair tools with you. Each cordless hair tool is dual-voltage, so feel comfortable flat styling your hair wherever you are.

Surge protector power strips and extension cords

With your laptop, tablet and phone – that’s already many more outlets that you’ll probably have in the room.

A surge protector power strip is indispensable in any dwelling, including your first dorm. Charge your Belisa cordless hair tools before their next use. All the cordless tools can be charged within three hours. The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron can be fully charged in an hour.

If you run out of juice mid-style, don’t panic! Each Belisa cordless hair tool can be plugged in and style while charging for seamless hair styling!

Vanity Setup

Leave your beauty products unchecked and they will roam freely all over the place. Keep them corralled with a Lazy Susan turntable to keep all your hair care products in one place and in easy reach.

Our cordless hair tools can be easily stowed away in a drawer while not in use and can be stored more neatly with the detachable cords! A fringe benefit to going cordless!

Are you prepared to head back to campus? Even if you’ve already left for residence, there’s still time to grab the essentials! Visit the Belisa by Lunata website to learn more about the best cordless hair tool for you.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist