Introducing Belisa by Lunata: affordable, innovative, cordless hair tools

Huge news! Unplugged Beauty is now Belisa by Lunata! The same great cordless curling wand, now with WWC (works while charging) technology.

WWC technology

Belisa by Lunata, like all Lunata tools, is made with freedom in mind. The tools are built to stash in your bag and be used on the go at your hotel, at work and at the gym without having to hunt for a power outlet.


While the batteries might still need some downtime, sometimes a busy life can’t wait! With WWC technology, you no longer need to put styling on hold. Just plug it in and style as usual!



Even without the added versatility of WWC, the iron and the wand are dual voltage and have a 1-inch barrel.


When we can travel freely internationally again, take your curling wand or curling iron in your carry-on for seamless styling as soon as you land!


The 1-inch barrel is a great size for many hair lengths and can give many styling options, from ringlets to loose textured strands.




Both the curling wand and the curling iron are priced under $150. Despite the price, our hair tools have titanium barrels and a wide and adjustable temperature range of 200-400ºF. The titanium retains heat well, heats up quickly and can be custom set depending on your hair’s condition. Keep the temperature at the lower end if you’ve bleached or coloured your hair and creep closer to 350-400ºF when your hair is healthier.


Because the barrel is so efficient at retaining heat, styling your hair doesn’t have to take so long. Nor do you have to do it daily–keep your wavy style for at least a day or two before restyling!


And with the choice of matte black and white high gloss–both tools are stylish additions to your vanity, your luggage or your tote bag!


Cordless curling iron


The highly requested Belisa 1-inch cordless curling iron has arrived! The amazing curling wand you love–now with a clip! The iron heats up to 400ºF, lasts up to 35 minutes and works while plugged in with our new WWC technology. Get them now at Lunata Beauty!


The perfect pair


Either tool is incredible value, but having both is even better!


Having a wand and curling iron is a good idea if you love wearing your hair in waves. A curling iron is a great option for more defined and refined curls. The sort of Hollywood curls or tight ringlets that you could wear to work, to a dinner or to a girls’ night.


A clip makes everything more polished. And if you have short layers in your hair, or short hair, the clip is a great way to grab those tricky pieces-and prevent any accidental finger singeing!


The wand is better suited for creating casual looks. Natural styles like lightly tousled hair and beach waves are easier to create with a wand–and don’t need to be finished off with a brush to get there!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist