How to prolong hair styles for days

While it’s easy to use the cordless curling iron or cordless flat iron daily, sometimes it’s hard to muster up the energy or spare the time to style everyday.


Thankfully the cordless curling iron and cordless hair straightener are made of titanium, which allows for quicker and more efficient heat distribution–leading to quicker hairstyling and styles that can last.


Pair these tools with some of our favourite tips for an easy way to skip your morning styling session–at least for a few days of the week!


Pineapple your hair


After enjoying your day 1 hair, prolong it a bit by wearing your hair up to bed. Curls at the back of your head are less likely to be disturbed and overall curls will be less frizzy and more defined in the morning.


To make the pineapple, gather your hair in a loose bun or ponytail at the top of your head. It shouldn’t be too tight, but secure enough to sleep in.


Keep the pineapple habit until the next time you style and wash your hair to keep your styles looking great for as long as possible.


Sleep in silk


Compared to cotton or wool, silk is less likely to drag on your hair–which leads to less frizz and dull hair. For curls especially, silk can help protect your curls from breaking up, going limp or becoming less defined.


There are many options for silk sleepwear. You can wear a silk bonnet, silk hair scarf or silk turban while you’re pineappling. If you’d rather not wear your silk protection, try a silk pillowcase. They can help you wake up to fewer sleep lines on your cheeks in the morning!


If you’re tying your hair up, consider switching to hair ties that don’t rub or tug on your hair, like silk scrunchies or hair ties.


Product pick-me-ups


A spray or two of the give me life volumizing dry shampoo can revive limp day 2 or day 3 hair and lightly mop up any oils at your roots.


The make me last dry shampoo is great for day 3 and up, when you’re at the last stretch before wash day. Focused sprays along the scalp will eliminate any odour and any accumulated oils or sweat with detoxifying white charcoal.


Titanium touchups


A slight cheat–touch up any rogue waves with the cordless convertible curling iron or get any errant strands in line with the cordless flat iron! Get ready in less than five minutes if you’re being strategic with your touchups.


Strategic brushing


Brushing can transform a look and, if you’re trying to eke out the most out of your styling session, the detangle me brush can be a great ally.


Its plastic bristles are gentle on the scalp, won’t snag on your hair and are easy to clean.


If you started out with tight ringlets and they are started to wilt, brush them out to loose waves. Transform waves or slightly less straightened hair by brushing it into a blowout!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist