Our Holiday Bundles Are Here!

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to think about holiday shopping! Black Friday might still be a long ways off, but the best beauty deals have already dropped.

Buy ahead and get your holiday bundles and gift sets now to avoid the despair of seeing things out of stock down the line.

Stock up for 2021

If you’ve been eyeing some new tools for yourself, now is the time to buy! Or, at least, send off your wishlist to your loved ones.

The styling essentials bundle or the ultimate styling bundle are great options with a lot of savings!

The styling essentials bundle with the #hairgoals or curls for days bundle is a great option guaranteed for stylish hair days in 2021! 

Go for the curls for days bundle if you love the idea of wearing your hair in ringlets to loose waves. The additional clip in our cordless curling wand gives you that versatility.


The cordless flat iron is just as versatile–straighten your hair or give yourself tousled curls on a whim. And feel free to skip the salon next year by giving yourself trims and a completely new look with our hair cutting kit!


Break up your gifting

Save a ton on your holiday gifting with bundles: gift them as is or break them up into stocking stuffers and main gifts. The ultimate styling bundle can be broken down into 4 gifts: gift the alligator hair clips and give me life volumizing dry shampoo as styling stocking stuffers and gift the cordless curling iron and cordless flat iron individually!


Not quite sure how to do that? Cross off a few of the people off your list with these bundle ideas!


For the parent in your life

The styling essentials bundle is a perfect choice for many–especially the parent in your life. By now we’ve all likely experienced at least one quarantine haircut and have learned some hard lessons. To the overstretched parent in your life, this bundle can be an easy way to get everyone’s hair cut during a weekend. And a quick and easy way to get a trim that will look well over Zoom!


For your sister or your best friend

For your core group, gift the #hairgoals bundle. It’s a solid choice for people who love to look good but don’t necessarily want to spend so much time styling it in front of the mirror. The give me life dry shampoo and the detangle me brush are great for low-maintenance days. And the cordless hair straightener is great for adding some flourish without a lot of effort!


For the people outside of your bubble

Dry shampoos and hair brushes are great gift ideas on a small scale for anyone you need to get a gift for: your neighbours, your colleagues or your Secret Santa selection. Break up your gift sets and pair them together as a nice set or give them out individually.

Not only are they useful gifts–both items are unisex!






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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist