Mommy and Me Costume Ideas

With Halloween regulations this year being so fluid, you might think that Halloween celebrations have to be called off. Not true! Here are a few costume ideas for you and your little ones to get festive! 


There are many alternate ideas to celebrate Halloween, but if you end up trick-or-treating, do it safely! Don’t forget to wear your non-medical face masks, in addition to your costumes!


Little Mermaid


With your little one as Ariel, have fun playing Ursula! 


Use a temporary hair dye like L’oréal’s Colorista to get the look without the commitment. 


For those with short hair, try slicking hair back while keeping volume in the front. 


Otherwise create a sleek updo to fake Ursula’s wild pixie cut. Use the cordless flat iron to create sleek strands to work with, add some give me life dry shampoo to provide some body in the front as well as backcomb and pin. Then gather everything into a French twist. 


For the makeup, focus on Ursula’s exaggerated features–her strong brows, bold red lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow–or go all out with the purple body paint. Not sure where to start? Take cues from this Ursula makeup tutorial if you want to be the scariest sea witch known to man. 


Matryoshka dolls 


Perfect for a family or a good option for three or more people. If you’re leading up the Matryoshka dolls, feel free to go all out with your hair. Create a riot of curls with our cordless curling wand or cordless flat iron. For smaller Matryoshkas, create subtle waves with some velcro rollers. Keep the costumes relatively simple and similar. 


Alice in Wonderland


Headed to Wonderland? 


If you’re Alice, get her signature bouncy hair by adding some give me life dry shampoo to lift your roots. Use the cordless hair straightener or cordless convertible curling wand to give your hair the gentle movement that Alice has. Tone down those waves with the detangle me brush. Its nylon bristles will gently soften curls and waves without adding frizz. Put Alice’s signature black bow on your head and don her trademark blue dress!


The Queen of Hearts is another creative and fun costume! Create your curls with either the cordless curling iron or cordless flat iron. Again, soften the curls a bit with the detangle me brush. 


To create your Elizabethan-era updo, section your hair into two with a centre part. Focus on the front, but clip the section around your nape at the back for later. 


Wrap and pin the front sections around these hair rats pinned on either side to frame your face. Wrap, pin and spray a liberal amount of hold me down hair spray around these accessories. Once you’ve got them completely covered, take any remaining hair and tie them together. Go back to the clipped portion and comb, tuck and pin the back into the ponytail! There is no overdoing the hairspray here, so finish with a liberal amount of hold me down hair spray once you’re done! 

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