Hosting a Halloween party at home

With Halloween restrictions in place, why not host a creative celebration at home? Mystery parties are a great way to get your roommates together for an evening of entertainment!


Decide on your plot


Decide on the type of roles you’ll have and the basic character roles that everyone will play. 


To keep things fair–and the host surprised–offload the duties of notifying guests to someone impartial. Not a fan of murder mysteries? Consult your roommates on the sort of mystery they want to solve and have fun!


If you don’t want to create a basic plot, there are ready-made mystery parties available online! Not sure on your theme? The 1920s is a great decade to serve as a backdrop for your mystery parties!


Take care of details


Dressing up is so important for a Halloween celebration–and especially for murder mysteries. An important detail can come from your appearance–and it can be a clue that can make or break a case. From the dress, hair to makeup–make sure your character plays–and looks–their part. 


Get 20s ready with flapper hair


There’s no need to get retro curling tongs to recreate the iconic flapper look. 


There were so many popular 1920s hairstyles that you can do at home–all with tools you have at home!


Old Hollywood curls


Create this romantic look with our cordless curling wand and paddle brush. Old Hollywood is all about sleek glam! Start with a leave-in treatment or do a hair mask before styling to infuse moisture into dry strands. Alternatively, spray anti-frizz treatment on your hair. 


Take your sections and wind them around the 1” titanium barrel, starting from your ears. Brush out the tighter curls with the paddle brush and spritz with hairspray to finish. 


Finger waves


First, create a deep side part before winding your hair around the cordless curling wand. Pin curls in place and let them cool. Once they’ve set, undo the pins and let the curls fall. Brush the curls out gently with the paddle brush. Starting with the first finger wave, take a few alligator clips and shape the wave with your fingers and secure with the clips. 


It’s best to go section by section, especially if you are short on alligator clips. Continue down the length of your hair or give yourself a small updo. Once you get to two or three finger waves, or reach your jaw, sweep the rest of your hair into two or three sections. Create mini curled buns and pin in place. 


Without taking any of the clips out, take your hairspray and spray liberally all over. Give it another coat before taking out the alligator clips.


Full curls with a flourish


After curling your hair with the cordless curling wand, pin them to the top of your head and let cool. Once the curls have cooled, gently release the curls and keep them as ringlets or lightly brush them out with the paddle brush. Add a beaded headband for decoration and hit the party!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist