Low-Maintenance Mom Hairstyles and Style

Does mom style make you cringe? It’s time to do away with the old-fashioned notion that moms dress dowdy. Mom fashion has had a glow up in recent years and – even if you’re not a mom – some integral pieces to the mom uniform are universally trendy.

In an ode to Mother’s Day and the chic moms out there, we’re reviewing some key features of mom style and how it’s evolved over time!


Mom hair has gone through quite a transformation. Modern-day mom hair is cute and easy and our Belisa Cordless Curling Iron With Clip, Belisa Cordless Curling Wand and new Belisa Cordless Flat Iron are great tools for chic styles for moms and other busy people.

Not only do they create effortless curls and sleek styles, but the cordless tools work anywhere and are light enough to take with you in your car, your work tote or your diaper bag.

Modernize the mom bob with layers, a soft undercut and an asymmetrical cut that’s longer in the front. Create low-maintenance styles with the Belisa Cordless Curling Wand or Belisa Cordless Flat Iron for loose textured waves. Finish with hairspray and texture spray for a little lift at the root.

For longer styles, loose textured S-waves are great for all cuts, whether it’s a blunt cut or a modern shag. The Belisa Cordless Flat Iron is a great option to create those loose S-shaped waves and with its rapid heat up time – reaching 420ºF at 60 seconds – it’s the perfect option to create a look in just a few minutes!

Utilitarian hair accessories like the claw clip or simple barrettes are trendy ways to tie hair back in a flash or pull hair to the side from curious little fingers.


High-waisted jeans are in again! And straight and wide-legged styles are hitting a resurgence. Slight variations to the 1990s mom jean makes the modern look wearable and chic – cropped lengths, cuffed hems and the freedom to wear something that isn’t a light blue wash.

Mom jeans come in more and – arguably fashionable – washes like traditional medium wash, dark washes, acid wash and black denim.


Diaper bags these days can masquerade as trendy backpacks. Even if you opt for a diaper bag – or mom bag – that isn’t a backpack, there are accessible designs that don’t have to work against your natural style.

And most bags are roomy enough for things for mom and baby. Our Belisa cordless hair tools are light enough and easy enough to be tucked away into a diaper bag, just in case you need to touch up after a playdate. And all of our tools have silicone sleeves to protect your tools while in transit. Our new Belisa Cordless Flat Iron is especially great to tote around with its locking mechanism and 60 seconds heat up time, to its maximum temperature of 420ºF.

Looking for a gift for the mom in your life? Consider a Belisa by Lunata tool! Visit our website until May 10, for site-wide promotions on select items. Use code MOTHERSDAY25 at checkout!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist