Best of both worlds: Our cordless and convertible curling iron and wand

We’re excited for the launch of our cordless and convertible curling iron/wand later this month!

If you already use our styler+ to create waves but want versatility, our cordless and convertible curling iron/wand is a great complement that will widen the variety of looks you can create.


The iron attachment is a great, easy way to transform your look and can be taken with you easily! The curling iron/wand–like the styler+–styles quickly and is slim enough to take with you to work, to school or to your next destination!






Need a polished look fast? Our attachment is here to the rescue! The clamp can create consistently uniform looks in a breeze and no–this iron doesn’t leave a kink!


Short hair friendly.


The 1” barrel is slim enough that you can style your hair at any length, with or without the iron attachment.


But if you’ve got a lob-length hair or shorter, a curling iron is your friend. The clamp can help you get stubborn places in line.


Can’t find your heat-resistant glove? The iron attachment can prevent inadvertent singeing of your hands or face.

A champion for busy bees!


Our wand is handy, but if you need to work one-handed, the curling iron attachment is here to save the day! Perfect for juggling a busy morning routine!


Great for beginners!


No need to perfect a technique with a curling iron. Just wrap, clamp and release!


There’s almost no learning curve with an iron, but it might take more practice to figure out how to achieve certain styles with a wand.






It’s easier to match your look with your mood with a curling wand. Change up the tension by playing with how tightly you wrap your hair around the barrel.


It’s easy to play with texture this way and with the width you wind around the barrel!


Natural curls and waves.


A curling wand is your friend when it comes to creating natural curls and waves with ease. It’s doable with an iron but requires more patience, practice and skill.


Play with tension to create relaxed waves, interspersing it with tighter waves, and let hair fall from the wand.


This is a great everyday look or when you want to channel your inner bohemian!


Touch up in a flash!


Want to run a second pass on a few sections? Wrap the curls that you want to revive with the wand. Our cordless curling iron/wand is lightweight and the perfect choice to freshening up looks during the workday!




Don’t forget! How you hold your curling wand or iron is so important!

Create natural curls and waves by holding the cordless iron/wand vertically.


Try holding our cordless iron/wand horizontally if you’re looking for bouncy waves and curls!


Whatever style you choose, don’t forget the hairspray to create a look that lasts!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist