Polished and Polite: How to Primp in Public Spaces

Running late? It happens!

Get to your destination looking polished or duck into a public space to get ready. Whatever you do, there are a few guidelines to primp while staying polite!


1. Be mindful of your own personal space.

Space is shared once you shut your apartment door. Sharing space with other people is tricky. Make sure you take up your rightful space, while not encroaching on the space of others.

When using a tool or nailing that cat eye, make sure you're not taking someone's eye out with your elbow or a tool!

2. Go sparingly on the scent.

Scents are okay as long as you're discreet. If you're in an enclosed space or with more people, think about spritzing when you're alone!

3. Know what's off-limits.

Scent is a big grey zone, but there are other things out there that are a clear no-go in shared spaces. Wait until you get home to do a manicure or duck into a salon.

4. Take the versatile and the essential.

You don't need to trade looking good for shoulder pain. Just bring what you need for the day.

A lipstick can double as blush. Eye shadow can double as blush. Concealer can work as foundation. A dry shampoo can work as texture spray.

5. Clean and sanitize things.

If you're primping in public spaces, make an effort to clean and sanitize your things–often.


Covert displays of grooming here.

Don't go completely bare-faced in an Uber. Just do the essentials to look presentable. This means a quick swipe of lipstick and touching up with your
cordless hair straightener. No full glam looks in the backseat–especially if you're not the only person in the car.

Keep it short and respectful.


Counter space isn't just for you. Eyeball a space and set up camp. 

You might not even need to use the communal bathroom! With our
cordless hair iron, you can prop a mirror on a table and start styling!


Your exercise bag shouldn't feel like a dumbbell. Tote miniature sizes where you can, like a
mini brush and hairspray. Leave the spot near the outlet to someone else, your cordless hair straightener doesn't need it!

Create a quick wavy look or tame flyaways with your cordless hair straightener. Use some hairspray to keep your look locked in place!

Just want to touch up the roots? Spray some
dry shampoo on your hands and fluff up your roots for a boost. Rinse your hands and head to your next location!


Carve a little space where you can. Not feeling comfortable leaving your purse on the floor? Bring a bag hook in your handbag! Take out one thing at a time.

cordless hair straightener makes it so you're not hogging the mirror for too long. The titanium plates heat up quickly and make short work creating a whole hair look.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist