Pollution and Your Hair


It’s an invisible villain. Pollution can wreak havoc on skin and has been shown to have the power to actually kill you. Your hair isn’t immune to its effects either.


Before you pack up your city apartment for a pollution-free life in the country, read on for some tips on mitigating pollution’s effects.




Clean hair naturally repels the tiny particulates that makeup pollution. But not everyone goes out of the house with hair that hasn’t been styled.


Unfortunately, looking stylish can make you susceptible to attracting these tiny particulates–especially if you’re using a lot of styling products. The products can weigh down your hair and attract these particulates.


Pollution can make your hair brittle and prone to snapping. Long-term pollution exposure can also cause hair loss.




Don’t over-wash your hair.


Too much, or too vigorous, hair washing can strip and damage hair. Even though it feels great, squeaky clean hair is just as bad as a squeaky clean face. Don’t use a shampoo that strips your hair too much.


How frequently you shampoo depends on a lot of things, so go with your gut!

Hair mask




Compromised hair is more porous and can be more affected by pollution.


Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Hair masks are also a great weekly treat and another way to keep your hair moisturized.

Hair mask

Masks not your thing? A hair serum before styling or a hair oil treatment might work for you!




Brush right.


Damaged hair needs to be treated with kid gloves. Pollution can be one of the many reasons why your hair might be falling out and one way to tackle that issue is to switch how you brush your hair.


Brush from your ends to start and gradually brush upwards to the root. Our brush can be used wet or dry. Travel often? There’s a mini version in the shop!


If you find yourself putting your hair up, our brush pairs great with these snagless hair ties that are gentle on your strands but don’t skimp on hold!

Think about your heat tools.

Using an inefficient heat tool not only wastes time and energy, but it can also affect your hair.


Find a heat tool that will minimize heat damage. One with titanium plates, like our cordless hair straightener, heats up quickly and can create looks that last in less time!


If straighteners aren't your thing–our styler curls hair too–the same principle applies to other hair tools. Think about more efficient options for your hairdryer and curling wand when the time comes for a new one!


Finish with a lightweight styler.


Our hairspray has a firm hold that doesn’t leave your hair crunchy!


A lightweight hairspray is a great way to finish off a look! It won’t weigh your hair down and is less likely to attract pollution particles onto your strands.





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