How to Find Your Perfect Hair Mask

Finding a good mask can be like speed dating: a glut of candidates but only a few that you really connect with. Hair masks are just a puzzle piece in keeping your hair in tip-top shape.

Use them weekly, or as needed, in conjunction with your favourite hair tools such as the Lunata touch-up styler and your other straighteners and curling wands to create looks worth envying.


Meet your mask

Choose the wrong hair mask and your hair might look worse: lank, flat or greasy. Or, worst-case scenario, all three at once.


    Choose one that addresses your hair condition as well as your hair type (thin, wavy, thick, etc.).

    Buy a hair mask that you will use regularly–something you’ll want to use and works for your lifestyle.


      If you want perfect hair without sacrificing your beauty sleep, opt for a leave-in mask such as Sephora’s rose hair sleeping mask.


      Short on time? Try a mask you can do in the shower or one that works quickly. An unfussy mask such as IGK’s Prenup Instant Spray Mask can be applied after shampoo and rinsed out.


      If you want a mask to pamper yourself, opt for a decadent mask such as Christophe Robin’s Regenerating Mask. This rich hair mask is good for all hair types and can be massaged and rinsed off while enjoying a bath! Leave-in masks are also an option–just don’t forget your shower cap!


      You get a hair mask and you get a hair mask!


      Almost everyone can benefit from a hair mask, but it really depends on finding the one that works for you. Find the perfect one for your hair type below.


      Hair masks for damaged hair


      Hair masks for damaged hair need more nourishment. Look for hair masks that target your concerns. If you have coloured hair, look for hair masks that target colour-treated hair and won’t interfere or strip your colour.


      A colour-safe option is Amika’s Soulfood Nourishing Mask. It can either be used as a daily or weekly leave-in treatment.

      Hair masks for dry and damaged hair


      Get a hair mask that will deeply condition your hair. Use less than you think you need–too much can weigh your hair down.


      We like Verb’s hydrating mask for overall conditioning.

      Hair masks for curly hair


      Find hair masks that combat frizz and detangle. A great option would be a mask that strikes a balance between keeping your curls moisturized while not weighing them down.


      Kérastase does hair masks for most hair types and their Discipline Mask for Curly Hair is a great choice for curly girls.

      Hair masks for thin hair


      It can be tricky to find hair masks for thin hair. Dry, thin hair types can benefit from Kérastase’s Nutritive Mask for Dry Fine Hair, a short leave-in treatment you can do in 10 minutes.

      Check back next week for our favourite homemade hair masks!

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