The secret to great hair days? Wash your hair less!

Brace yourselves for something controversial. If you have curly or perpetually dry hair, you might be washing your hair all wrong. The solution might be to wash your hair less often.

Daily shampooing and over-relying on dry shampoo can create brittle, dry and overall lacklustre hair. Shampoo can strip hair and make it greasier in the long run, stimulating your hair to overproduce oils.

Whether you're stretching out your blowout or want to stretch out the days before your next wash day, here's your ultimate survival guide to making it with style.

Benefits to washing hair less often

Washing your hair less may require an adjustment period for your scalp and roots to recalibrate and stop overproducing oils. In the meantime, bring those oils down to the ends to nourish and naturally condition your hair. Hair will become softer, silkier and more resilient.

Make “no wash” days work for you

  • Invest in your hair tools. Have a great comb and a boar-bristle brush that can distribute oils from your scalp to your roots.

  • Have hair tools you can depend on to create the looks you want, such as a great curling iron or straightener. Our Lunata wireless styler is great for light styling and its portability is perfect for touch ups.

  • Have hair accessories on hand to create your looks. Hair ties, decorative clips, hair scarves and headbands are as essential as your styling products.

  • Have a few quick and easy go-to looks that you can use to style on Days 3 and 4. 

  • Research and create a lookbook of styles you can experiment with on your no wash days.


Your hair calendar


Hair Calendar

Day 1

Freshly washed hair doesn't need help. Whether it’s styled or left alone, enjoy!

Day 2

Hair still looks great, if not better, today. Take advantage of your hair's texture by styling your hair in curls or loose waves. Straightening is another option, as is leaving it alone.

Look to emulate: Old Hollywood Glam

Day 3

This is where things start getting tricky. If your hair is looking limp, flip it over to create body and tease it before styling.

If your roots are greasy, reach for the dry shampoo and your hair accessories.

Half-dos, updos, braids, buns and ponytails are all great options for today.

Day 4

If you haven't used the dry shampoo yet, now is the time! If you reached for it yesterday, take a cue from the No Poo community and scritch and preen. Give yourself a scalp massage with the pads of your fingers and bring the oils from your roots to the ends, one section at a time.

If your hair is still looking greasy, mask it with a hairband or scarf. Avoid wearing it loose and take a page from post-workout looks. Opt to style your hair in a bun, braids or a ponytail.

Day 5/Day 1

Congratulations! You’ve made it to day 5. Enjoy your freshly washed hair!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist