Top 3 Homemade Hair Masks You Can Make From Your Pantry

Your next meal isn’t the only thing in your kitchen. Your perfect homemade hair mask can be made with some common ingredients.


If you’d rather buy your new favourite mask, read our picks in our How to Find Your Perfect Hair Mask post. Whatever you choose, it’s important to keep your hair in great shape so it can take all the styling, colour and heat that you throw at it on a regular basis.


3 tips to your best homemade hair mask


Keep it fresh!


Don’t make extras; just make enough for an application. Keep a notebook handy where you can note your recipe and refer to it for next time.


Even a drop of water can lead to contamination and degradation. Keep your source ingredients tightly sealed and away from water!


Gather your essentials.


Have everything at hand: a mixing bowl, a spoon, measuring spoons, your source ingredients and gloves or a comb for application. If you have long hair, consider using hair clips to apply your mask in sections. And don’t forget the shower cap!



Be prepared for some trial and error.


DIY is a double-edged sword: while customizable, it might take a while to get it just right. Keep a notebook close to write down your adjustments and have fun playing around!


Common DIY ingredients


Apple cider vinegar


Don’t let the smell put you off; when your hair dries, it disappears. ACV can help combat dandruff, detangle, clarify and make hair silky smooth.



Lunata Hair

These clarify hair but take note: don’t let it dry. It will be difficult to rinse out and can cause unnecessary stress on your hair.


Rhassoul and kaolin are two of the most gentle of clays that clarify and also condition hair.


If you need something stronger, use bentonite clay. Aztec Secret is a great, affordable option.



Raw honey is great at bringing life back to dry or damaged hair. Use this on its own or  in a mask to see a benefit.


Coconut oil

Lunata Hair Coconut

Heat the oil between the palms or on the stove. It can fortify hair and nourish hair, especially dry ends. It’s excellent for fine- or medium-textured hair.


Best homemade hair masks


A hair mask for damaged hair


Out of all the many hair mask recipes, we like this no-mess simple one:


2 parts coconut oil

2 parts olive oil (swap for argan oil or jojoba if it’s too rich)

Mix well and apply with gloves to your hair. Leave for up to 30 minutes under a shower cap. Shampoo and rinse.

A clay-based clarifying mask

1/2 cup of your choice clay (Rhassoul, Kaolin or Bentonite*)

8 oz. of liquid (water, rosewater or aloe vera juice)

2-3 drops of a nourishing oil (optional)

*When using Bentonite clay, it’s best to use a non-metal spoon and bowl to prevent clumping.

To create a smooth and well-mixed mask, stir your powder as you slowly mix in your liquid. Apply and leave on for up to 10 minutes. Rinsing thoroughly.


A dandruff fighting scalp treatment


Combat dandruff with this simple and easy solution.*

Use a 1:1 mix of apple cider and vinegar. Pour directly from a bowl or apply with this applicator bottle onto your scalp. Give yourself a vigorous scalp massage taking the pads of your fingers and scrubbing for a few minutes. Rinse.

*BONUS: This can also be a great conditioning rinse. Use this at least weekly applied to your hair to see shiny, detangled locks. Rinse thoroughly.

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