Close your eyes and think of a romantic hairstyle. Now open your eyes. Was that style wavy or curly? 

Bring that soft romantic feeling to your workday with our Lunata Styler Plus+. The hair straightener can be used to curl hair in a pinch. Its slim profile, wireless capability and titanium plates make our hair styler a slam dunk choice for your Valentine's Day hairstyle.


cordless hair straightener 

The 1" titanium plates can create any number of looks and make short work of creating a whole look in more or less a half hour.

And if you're in the market for a new straightener, we've got an early Valentine's Day offer for our faves! Get our cordless hair straightener–and any other accessories–on sale. Enter VDAY30 at checkout to get in on the deal!


soft romantic waves hair ideas


Loose, easy breezy waves are an easy choice for coffee dates. They are casual and can be dressed up or down. Create the look by wrapping sections of your hair around the iron from the point where you want your waves to start. Twist the hair around the iron and gently work towards your ends.

Let hair cool and brush out if the waves are coming out too defined to your liking. Add a slim barrette or hair clip to add some visual interest and asymmetry or leave loose if that's more your thing!

Set with some hair spray!


full curls hair idea for lunch date


Full curls are work and school appropriate–and a great option for a day date! If you're grabbing lunch with your partner, try some full curls. They automatically elevate a look without a lot of effort.

Start by your temple, twisting hair around the iron and gently glide the iron downwards. Alternate with twisting the hair on the iron away from your face and towards your face for more volume.

Don't forget the hair flip to boost volume at the crown.

Set with hair spray and head off to lunch!


curly shag hairstyle for valentine's day


Do something fun to shake off the work week! Go for a full on curly shag! Shags look great on any length and any hair type!

A curly shag is like a choose your own adventure experience. You can vary how curly you want your shag to be and not every curl needs to be uniform. Mussed up or more polished, a curly shag looks great and it works for drinks and the dance floor!

For some inspiration, look to Pinterest or Instagram for some hair and styling cues.

The only thing to watch out for: be careful if you're attempting to curl your bangs!


dinner date curls hairstyle


Go for full on glam with voluminous curls. Do a pass with the cordless hair straightener on your sectioned hair and when you get close to your ends, twist back up to the root and hold for 5-10 seconds before releasing.

Spray some hair spray, swipe on some lipstick and head to dinner!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist