How not to freak out when your hair is shedding

Hair thinning can make anyone freak out–and possibly think the worst. It's typical to shred around 70 strands every day, which you probably won't notice unless you see a large percentage on your hairbrush or on the bathroom floor. Thankfully, strands don't normally leave in chunks!

Hair fallout is normal and often harmless. Below are a few common causes but if you're ever concerned, please go see your doctor!



 how to deal with seasonal hair loss

Seasonal hair loss

It's true! If you think you're shedding a lot more during certain parts of the year, you might be right! If you notice you are losing hair around autumn or winter, it could be because of the weather–or holiday stress.

Keep an eye on areas you think are thinning, but don't dwell on it! Keep up with scalp care and good grooming habits.


how to deal with postpartum hair loss

Postpartum hair loss

If you basked in pregnancy hair, you might feel disappointed that your hair is falling out en masse post-baby. It's all normal. As hormone levels taper off to pre-baby levels, you might notice more than normal hair loss. It will eventually taper off, no need to worry!

 tips to avoid hair loss

Shampoo fallout

Ever notice that when you shampoo you lose a lot more hair than if you just co-wash? It could be because you're focusing on your scalp and may be dislodging hair that is on its way out in the hair cycle. Don't overdo the shampoo or rely too much on dry shampoo.

Use dry shampoo judiciously!



Luckily the hair growth cycle is cyclical and many of these problems will go away on their own. In the meantime, there are a few things to do to hide and minimize your hair fallout.


thin hair? try creating volume for a fuller look

Style it

Volume can hide areas that might look a bit thin. Boost volume by teasing hair or using curls to mask spots where you feel a bit self-conscious. Big beach waves created with our Lunata wireless straightening iron will help mask thinning hair. Pay attention to all-over volume, especially at the roots. Don't forget hairspray to keep your hair looking full and voluminous all day!

If you tie your hair up in a bun, tease your hairline and avoid pulled-back looks.


find a good brush that won't break your hair

Care for your hair

Keep hair breakage to a minimum. A good brush will detangle hair without taking half your scalp with it. If you like keeping your hair up, step away from traditional hair ties and use hair ties that won't pull on your hair!

 stress can cause hair loss. here's how to avoid it

Calm down

Stress can be a cause of hair fallout and the advice here is hard to follow: calm down. Minimizing stress benefits all aspects of your health, including hair health. If you're going through a rough time, you might have no choice but to push through. In the meantime, see where you can incorporate time to relax and decompress at every opportunity!

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