Your Rx plan for a clear scalp

You might be a pro at fixing hat hair and wilted hair, but what about winter scalp issues daring to throw a wrench in your look?

Dry winter air from outside and heat sources indoors can cause dry scalp–exacerbating any issues that you might have already, like dandruff!




scalp care is hair care

Remember: scalp care is hair care

Take some time in your week to look after your scalp. Having a targeted product or two can help alleviate scalp issues. A great DIY is already in your kitchen! An apple cider vinegar rinse, a few teaspoons diluted by a lot of water, can cut through product buildup. When focused on the scalp, it can relieve dry scalp and dandruff.

Look for scalp-focused products on the market that can combat dryness without making your head greasy. Briogeo's scalp revival line contains a balance of cleansing agents such as tea tree oil and charcoal and moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe and coconut oil.


scalp care massage

Go for a massage

Your scalp and your achy muscles have something in common: they need a massage every so often! A good scrub with your fingertips–not fingernails–every day or every other day will shake loose dry flakes from your scalp. Dislodging the dry flakes will reduce buildup which may make you look dry and greasy at the same time.


scalp care tips and tricks

Don't scratch

As tempting as it can be, scratching is the path to short-term gains and long-term pain! What your head really needs is hydration and cleansing. Stick to the basics and an itchy, flaky scalp will go away sooner rather than later!



 hair with volume

Amp up the volume

Flat hair is not your friend when you're going through scalp issues! Flaky scalp, whatever the cause, can take a while to clear up especially with winter conditions. Use your Lunata hair straightener to boost volume by placing it close to the root and pulling up gently.


create curls with the cordless hair straightener

Go curly

Curls are a cure-all–masking everything from errant greys and your scalp troubles. Curls camouflage with their shape–and everyone benefits, even if you have dark hair! If you don't have natural waves or curls, fake it with our Lunata hair straightener!

When dealing with a flaky scalp, shake out as many flakes as you can before styling. On freshly washed hair, let hair partly air dry before going in with your hairdryer and straightener. Style on a lower heat setting while you deal with dry scalp and aim styling products away from your roots.


hat or scarf for winter 2020

Mask with a hat, band or scarf

Ironically, hiding behind headgear all winter long can exacerbate winter dry scalp. Living under a hat can cause hat hair–that matted, and often, sweaty look. Coupled with a lack of airflow, it can make your head itchier and drier.

Let your hair–and scalp–breathe by ditching the cap every other day or as soon as you get indoors!

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