Winter woes: navigating hat hair, frizz and wilting curls

For those of us trudging though snow and dealing with this year's especially brutal temperatures, winter can't end soon enough.


Unfortunately the spring equinox is still a month away.


Rather than wait for spring to bring about better hair days, take these winter hair tips to troubleshoot your tresses now.


Hat hair problems


You might've found yourself permanently attached to your toque this winter. Even if you've mastered the art of stylishly wearing a hat, taking it off indoors might be unthinkable. Hat hair is terrible this time of year but there are ways to remedy it.


Take your hat off as soon as you can. Duck into a bathroom to dry your hair under the hand dryer if it’s available. Flip your hair upside down and reverse your part to create lift at your roots. And, if you keep these with you, use texturizing spray or a dry shampoo to style your hair. For more tips, check out our post on reviving flat hair.


Or style your hair into something that is immune to hat hair, such as a braid or low bun!


Combating frizz


Frizzy hair is dry hair. Winter frizz is a double whammy of dryness: indoor heating on blast and the chilly air outdoors.


Amp up your hair care with a hair mask, leave-in conditioner or hair oil. Look for nourishing ingredients, such as jojoba oil, argan oil and shea butter.  Knowing your hair’s porosity will determine what products you need to use and at what frequency.


Wrapping your hair with a silk scarf or tucking your hair into your shirt can prevent tangling and frizz. Bonus: silk scarves are not only great at keeping frizz at bay, they are a a stylish accessory.




A warm, not hot, shower will help prevent dandruff and prevent dry scalp. Couple it with a weekly scalp treatment and scalp massage will keep flakes at bay.


Wilting curls and flyways


Curls, natural or styled, can be revived with a little spritz of water and scrunched back into place, either alone or with the help of some sea salt spray.


Flyaways can be tamed with a little spritz of hairspray or styling gel.


Our touch-up styler can also smooth flyaways and revive curls and waves.


Keep cool to keep your colour


Hot showers, while tempting, should be avoided. They dry out your skin and dull coloured hair.


Avoiding a hair dryer isnt really possible, but minimizing the damage done by using one is easy. Squeeze out the excess water from your hair before you blow dry and use a diffuser.


Always use a heat protectant before you straighten, curl or style your hair. We like Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day as a good one for most hair types.



There you have it, a few tips to keep your hair looking good until spring! Stay warm, stay hydrated and stay stylish!

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