hair problems

Picture this: your makeup is flawless, your outfit is amazing and your hair is–well, it’s there.

If your hair–specifically a flat crown–is the one thing in the way between you and picture perfection, have no fear! Read below to troubleshoot your way out of one common hair mishap.




hat hair

Hat hair hiccup

We don’t blame you if you’ve been under sun hats all summer long. Depending on where you are, the reprieve between sun hats and toques might be blissfully long or a few weeks. However long it may be, use this pause to take notes on how to sidestep hat hair.

Sadly, the only way to avoid hat hair in the first place is to avoid the accessory altogether. But you don’t need to do that–especially in climates where you need to wear a hat to get through winter. Besides, there are some cute hat options to wear through spring that aren’t a beanie!

If you’re on the go, you’ve got two quick and easy options. Flip your hair upside down or switch your part. This will instantly give your hair a boost of volume, but it won’t erase any kinks caused by your hat.

Erase those kinks with our trusty wireless hair straightener. It can straighten them right out or you can transform them into gentle waves. Flat iron those roots to give an added boost of volume. Finish with some hairspray and it’s like you never had hat hair!


hair conditioning

Product problems

Applying conditioner too close to the roots or products that might be too heavy for your hair type might cause problems.

Keep conditioner limited to the middle of your hair downwards focusing on the ends. If products are too heavy, choose lightweight products. Use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate product buildup, which can cause flat hair.


hair spray

A style that needs a midday SOS

Sometimes a hairstyle just can’t make it through the day. Try using a texture spray or dry shampoo to revive a wilting hairstyle. Flip your hair upside down and tousle your roots to create volume.

Revive your hairstyle with our wireless hair straightener, slightly twisting near the roots to create a lift.


hair dryer

Fixing finicky flat spots

Sometimes there’s just that one spot that doesn’t want to cooperate.

To deal with this stubborn spot, gather your tools. You’ll need a hairdryer, hairbrush (or fingers), your favorite styling product and hairspray. If your hairdryer has a nozzle attachment, even better!

Focus the styling product on the roots of the problem area. Aim your hair dryer at the roots while you tease and style the section. Fluff up the roots and shift the section from side to side. Shut the hairdryer off when you’re happy with your look. Keep your fingers up by the flat section to lift it until your hair starts to cool. To set, finish it off with some hairspray!



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