If you’ve got fine hair, you don’t need me to tell you about your hair profile. You probably want someone to listen to your woes!

But no more of that! Embrace your hair type and work with what you've got. You’ve got a multitude of styling options.

what is fine hair?


You likely already know what fine hair looks like, but it’s easy enough to figure out. Checking whether you have fine hair is as easy as plucking a few strands. Fine hair has a barely-there width, followed by normal and coarse hair in width.

Fine hair doesn’t always mean a lack of volume. You could have a lot of fine hair on your head. If you’re blonde, you likely have more (fine) hair on your head. It’s statistics.

Thin hair, by comparison, refers to the density of hair follicles on your scalp. If the follicles on your scalp are far apart, you’ve got thin hair. If the follicles are packed together like sardines in a tin, you’ve got thick hair. It’s entirely possible to have thick, fine hair or thin, fine hair.

Fine hair can be weighed down under heavy hair products. Instead, choose products that are silicone-free or with lightweight oils that won’t leave a residue. Almond oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil are great options for fine hair.



blow dry your hair

Refrain from air drying

The art of air drying can be tricky to master if you’ve got fine hair and time constraints. Blow-dry your hair to avoid any styling mishaps that can happen with fine hair. Kinks and errant waves that can come from air drying are going to be harder to style into place.


wavy hair

 Build volume with waves  

Straight, fine hair can look flat and lifeless. Curly, fine hair can give the illusion of fullness and volume.

Choose from a curling wand, flat iron or hot rollers–paired with some alligator hair clips as you work by sections–to create your waves.

Our touch-up styler will work best on small sections, perk up a style or stretch your blow out to a few more days.



Use a light hairspray that doesn’t compromise on hold

Stay away from heavy hair products like pomade or hair gel. Opt for a lightweight spray to finish off your look.



Opt for a flattering cut, dependent on your hair texture

Generally, long and straight fine hair may overwhelm you and give the appearance of being weighed down. Try a blunt lob or shorter if you’ve got straight, fine hair.

Find a curl-friendly hairstylist if you’ve got wavy or curly, fine hair. They will be able to give you a customized look that will make styling your hair easier.


hair extensions

Opt for extensions, for occasional and semi-permanent fullness

If push comes to shove, extensions are always an option! Use them for a big date, that job interview or just because!

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