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hair extensions


Extensions are no longer for celebrities. They’re everywhere. On your neighbor, on your co-worker and maybe even on your head as you read this.

Here are a few tips on how to use them safely to live your best hair life.


Know what you want and how to care for it


different types of hair extensions


Real or fake, know how to care for your type of extensions. 

If you're using fake extensions, know what it’s made of. Synthetic extensions are usually made of plastic. Don’t use heat to style or you might be putting your health at risk. 

If you're opting for real extensions, treat them like your real hair. If you can, please buy responsibly.

The four main types you can choose between are clip-in, tape-in, bonded (glued) or sewn-in extensions. Learn how to care for whichever one you have to ensure you keep it in good shape.


Get them done by a pro


hair extension professional


Go to a professional if it's your first time with extensions, especially if you're opting for a semi-permanent option. 


Get them refitted and removed when it's time


remove hair extensions


Don't stretch out extensions past their prime. Depending on what type of extensions you choose, you could be looking at replacing extensions after several weeks to a year.

Doing this will prevent any horror stories you might have heard about hair extensions such as breakage, scalp irritation or bald patches.


Maintain those extensions


hair extension care

Extensions, whether real or fake, are an extension of your head. If you've opted for a salon visit, make sure you leave the salon knowing how to care for it properly.

If you love to color your hair, color it before you go for extensions. Your stylist can color match the extensions to your head after and save your extensions from any damage.

Once on your head, treat it like your hair. Don't pull, tug, or manhandle your hair. Extensions can be an expensive purchase, even with clip-ins. Caring for your extensions properly will stretch out how long it will last you, which can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Wash your hair extensions properly, thoroughly drying it. Extensions should always be dry, especially if it's bonded or tape-in, to maintain adhesion.  To prevent tangles and keep your extensions as pristine as possible, gently go through with a detangling brush from roots to tip.


heat protect hair extensions


With styling, make sure to use a heat protectant and the lowest heat setting on your preferred tool. (Our wireless touch-up styler has a range of 200ºF-400ºF.) Deal with all the extra hair on your head with some clips, taking care not to pull too hard. Style sections of your head with a Goldilocks level of tension: enough to style, but not enough to tug too hard on your extensions.

When you sleep, keep your extensions from tangling by gently braiding them before bed. Except for clip-ins. Never wear those to bed.

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