How to pack: the honeymoon packing list of your dreams

The wedding has come and gone and, most importantly, the stress of planning a wedding is finally over. Now’s the time to kick back, relax and celebrate a new chapter with your boo. 

Whether it’s a minimoon, weeks-long expedition, a city trip or a beach getaway we’ve got you covered with our honeymoon packing list.




Travel light. Essentials only, please.

However long you’re going to be away, make sure you’re traveling light! Pack enough for a week and do laundry abroad, if you’re going to be away for a while. Save some space for toiletries, beauty items, and your souvenirs!

Go compact with your toiletries, minimizing when you can. Size matters–make sure you miniaturize your tools. Go for multitasking things, such as a styler that can curl and straighten.

travel essentials 


Pack versatile pieces.

However long you’re going away, pack things that multitask. Scarves can work as headbands, hair accessories, necktie, and a belt. No honeymoon packing list is complete without some 2-in-1 products. Our wireless hair styler can do straight and curly styles with no problem.

packing clothes


Pack early. 

The home stretch to the wedding is a hectic time. Pack before it gets too stressful for a smooth honeymoon.

pack early for honeymoon



Beach getaway

Grab your sunscreen after you land. Pack and pare down your toiletries. Use miniatures, samples or things in bar form to make room for hairspray, gel, sea salt spray or texture spray.

Keep looks and styles relatively minimal and in keeping with your surroundings. Have a few statement accessories–like a bold necklace, your favorite pop lipstick, some great hair accessories–for fancy nights out. 

beach travel



A small holiday–a weekend or three days–might be all you get immediately after the wedding. No worries!

Make sure your clothes and accessories can keep up with your whirlwind trip. If it’s a city break, make sure your outfits can last all day and transition for the evening. Same goes for your hair. Include a fancy option for a night out by bringing your favorite heels and statement jewelry.

A mini trip in nature–hiking, camping or a weekend trip around local wineries–might call for something simpler. Keep a few essentials, such as a brush and ties, with you and spend the time you save on your streamlined grooming routine by bonding with your new spouse.

mini moon packing with spouse


International Travel

Check our packing primer for our tips on tech and toiletries to save on luggage fees and stress on your honeymoon. Our jet setter kit has you covered worldwide with dual voltage and universal input. Rest assured that wherever you go you’ll be able to use–and charge–it for hairstyles on the go!

lunata jet setter kit for international travel

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist