Staying stylish on the road: beauty packing tips 101

Whether you’ve planned your break in advance or prefer an impromptu getaway, a reprieve from the daily grind might be so close you can taste it!


Count down to your well-deserved break with as few stressors as possible. Your to-do list before you leave may be a mile long, but it doesn’t have to be painful if you go in with a plan. After all, sometimes the time before a holiday can yield more happiness than your break!


Beauty and tech can compete with your wardrobe for prime real estate in your luggage. Here’s how to make everything all fit, without throwing out your back!




  1. Pack once. And edit, edit, edit.


Corral everything you want or need for your trip in one go. Then make like Marie Kondo and eliminate like a boss. Whatever isn’t practical, appropriate or realistic can go back. Check your weather app and itinerary to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered.


  1. Embrace the capsule edit. Think small changes, big impact.


Create a core capsule for your wardrobe, accessories and makeup from your whittled down selection. Make some core outfits or looks you can do confidently and quickly. Try them out a few days before your trip and make any tweaks. Include outfits and looks for busy days, fancy evenings and occasions in between!


(We’ve got you covered with hair tools. Our Lunata jet setter kit includes our two-way styler, charging dock, cable and world adapter.)


  1. Check your tech.


In recent years, tech has likely competed for the lion’s share of your luggage. (I see you, Apple dongles!)


Check that you have all the devices, wires and batteries you’ll require for your trip. Make sure any items you bring have the appropriate voltage for your destination. Blowing a fuse–and potentially ruining an expensive gadget–can put a damper on even the most idyllic vacation.

Not to worry, our jet setter kit is dual voltage (110-220V) and good anywhere you can find a plug. Or anywhere else–our styler is wireless, after all! And wireless is the way to go when you travel!


Don’t forget your region-specific travel adapters! Make sure you have enough to go around!


Check that your items are properly stowed for transit. Visit your airline’s website, CATSA or TSA for any items that you’re unsure of packing and where they should go. Lunata’s jet setter kit should be stowed in your carry-on and stowed securely in its travel bag for flying.




Road trips


Road trips are great until they aren’t. Long days on the road, getting stuck in traffic or fighting for which playlist to listen to can grate the nerves of even a saint.


Space constraints with accommodation and the car can be a huge problem. Pare down on your essentials to make room for everyone’s essentials–like snacks!                                                                                                                          



If your camping experience is leaning more towards a basic tent and a campfire, take the bare essentials with you. A few hair ties, a dependable brush, and some dry shampoo are all you need!


Girls trip


Be savvy on your holiday. Split and share toiletries to save on cash, space and luggage fees on budget airlines. One person can be in charge of hair, one person can be in charge of skin care and another person can be in charge of hair tools or SPF.


Family vacation


Similar to a girls trip, share whatever you can. Consolidate whatever you can to save space in the car!


Hostels and solo trips


Safety first! Make sure you exercise common sense while travelling and keep a few spare locks on your person to secure your baggage in hostels or on the go. And make sure that you can carry confidently carry your things for long periods of time!


Happy travels!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist