Hot, hot summer: troubleshoot your summer hair woes

This summer has been hot, humid and unbearable. But you probably know this better than anyone if you’re anywhere in North America, Asia or Europe.

In light of this, we’ve come up with a small cheat sheet to help you hack summer hair problems.

 hot summer


Scenario 1: Too much pool time, too much chlorine.

We don’t blame you if you’ve been making the pool your second home. But chlorine can wreak havoc on skin and hair. For instance, it can dry out hair and turn coloured hair brassy. Blondes need to watch out in the pool, too. It’s not the chlorine; it’s the copper that turns your hair green.

To mitigate damage from the pool, opt for a cool water rinse after swimming. Use a clarifying shampoo and hair mask weekly to maintain your hair. Rinse and repeat for the rest of summer!

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Scenario 2: Accidental highlights.

 Does Sun-In ring any bells? This retro product was every kid’s solution to pricey highlights.

Little did we know, too much sun can still lighten your hair. Great if you want that look; terrible if you love the shade you are. Coloured hair fades at a faster rate with sun exposure. Keep your head in the shade with a stylish hat or parasol.

 Sun In Hair Lightener


Scenario 3: Dry hair.

The main culprits for seasonal dry hair are sun, salt and chlorine. Fix your dry hair by using a hair mask and amp up the moisture in your shampoo and conditioner.

Lay off the heat or use a low heat setting when you use your flat iron or curling wand. Opt to air dry when possible. Use these styling techniques before bed or wear these wet hairstyles out the door.

 Twisted Pony


Scenario 4: Humid transformations.

Summertime can be a scary time–you might find yourself looking at a stranger in the mirror more times than not. Before you bludgeon your hair to submission via straightener, try these quick fixes.

Embrace your natural texture. Have a few go-to styles and have accessories on hand to shape your curls and waves.

Try a frizz-fighting serum, deep conditioner or mask to keep frizz at bay. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt and pat–don’t rub!– dry.

 deep conditioning


Scenario 5: Frizzy, fragile hair.

Infuse some moisture into your frizzy and fragile hair. Use a hair mask–not just for winter!–and use scarves or ties to gently pin hair back.

 hair mask


Scenario 6: You’re dying with all this hair on your head.

If you’re baking in this heat because of your hair, there are solutions. Shorter styles, such as a bob or pixie, would be great options to keep cool.

If you’re committed to long hair, head to your trusted stylist to get an undercut or cut the weight in your hair. Either option will make you feel 10 pounds lighter and 10 degrees cooler than normal.

hair cut

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