Creating a retreat at home

In the months we’ve been at home, it can be hard to relax in a place where work and life collide. If you’re itching for a project to tackle, carving a space in your space just for you is something you need to do!


Whether your retreat is a library nook, a yoga mat or the salon, follow these guidelines to create a happy refuge at home!


Find a place that’s all your own


First things first, scope out a space that you can claim for your own! At the very least, have a place where you can use it often and be undisturbed.


Make retreat a priority


Communicate to your roommates, family or partner that you’ll need some time alone and block it off and treat it like an event.


Keep it clean


Any of the spaces that you want to reclaim will be even better with some sweat equity. If your retreat starts in the bathroom, clear out the clutter and make sure all your favourite products are on hand.


Keep any other stations, such as the kitchen and vanity, tidy and ready for use. Healthy meals and a put-together look are easier when only the essentials are in view!


Set the mood


You’ve got the environment, now set the vibe! Engage the senses. Take a Zen approach with some candles for mood lighting and your favourite scent with a diffuser or room spray.


Create a playlist or two for your favourite songs, soundscapes or guided meditations.




Start with a decadent bath and use the oils and bath bombs you leave for special occasions. Follow this with some mask time: multi-mask, if you’ve got more than one, for better skin. If you’ve got them, give your face a massage with a jade roller. Fingers work too, if you don’t have the tools!


At the vanity, make sure all your favourite tools like our cordless curling wand are on full display. Make getting ready a ritual, not a chore! Hair styling should be a breeze–and fun–like dressing up. Take the time to trawl your closet to wear the items that make you feel your best.




Put the phone away for a few hours or a few days. Tech detoxes have multiple benefits including better sleep and less anxiety–things we all need more of more than ever. Commit to a screen-free period even further by hitting pause on your computer and TV.


Take some time to do some meditation or a reflective, relaxing walk screen-free. Or get active and exercise or do some yoga!




Retreats don’t have to be solitary! Make a plan to end your retreat with company you love. Have a homemade meal at home with friends and family or go out and enjoy patio season with friends!


If you need to freshen up before your gathering, touch-ups are easy to make with our cordless curling wand. A few minutes with the wand is all you need. That, and a few spritzes of hairspray!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist