Low-cost ways to enjoy a summer at home

Lockdown measures are easing and if you’re a bit leery about restarting normal life, you’re not alone! Below are a few ways to enjoy a summer close to home with our new normal.


Give yourself a style refresh 

Many regions are still reopening salons and other services and if you can’t wait, you can still change it up while at home. The groom me hair-cutting kit has all you need for a trim or even more. Don’t just stop with hair; re-invigorate your wardrobe and makeup while you’re at it! Declutter items that haven’t seen the light of day and get creative on outfits and looks and create a shopping list for items you can keep a look out for when you finally decide to go shopping!


Trust exercise: have your partner give you a cut


Nothing says true love like giving your partner the reins on your new hairstyle. The groom me hair-cutting kit has all you need: cutting shears, thinning shears, clips and combs.


Give your kids a new look


If you can get your kids to sit still, save some cash and give your kids a few trims with the groom me hair-cutting kit!


Explore your city

With staycations in the cards, be a tourist in your town! Check out a new neighbourhood every week and make a point to visit parks and beaches that aren’t your norm. Make it an active one with cycling, walking or rollerblading. Or make a whole day of it with a picnic!


If it’s a leisurely–not active–exploration, try a half-up and half-down look paired with our convertible curling iron/wand or cordless flat iron. Nothing ruins a fun day out than having to fuss with hair in your face!


Get out and garden


Creating a vegetable patch or a prized garden of flowers can occupy you for a whole season. If you’re not solo, gardening can be a whole family affair!


Set the stage


Indulge in their creativity–and yours–with puppet theatre. Reuse and repurpose materials to create the stage and puppets. Since creativity is the only limit, it’s an endless source of fun!


Work on the home

A home project can either bring you together or tear you apart. Try sprucing up the home or the yard this summer to keep active and keep busy!




Take a blanket–and a pair of binoculars–out in the yard, a park or while camping. There’s an art to the pastime, so do your research to get the most out of your nights!


Start or join a book club


A close gathering with friends and books is even more sweet now that patio season has gotten the all-clear!


Accept reading challenges

For the competitive, read your way through the summer. Until libraries are fully open, make use of digital resources and their paper bag systems. Take your book and read it in the park for a great way to spend summer afternoons!



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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist