How to say goodbye to high school

2020 is a unique year–especially for high school grads. Not a grad, but know one? Pass along this post for ideas to say goodbye to that important part of their life.


Even if you’re not planning on leaving home when September rolls around, celebrate the milestone and give this chapter the sendoff it deserves!


Get prepped.


Grab your supplies


Print out photos or grab a camera and get snapping! If you’re creating an old-school project, have art supplies at the ready.


If you’re working on an online project grab any photos, recordings or other files that you’ll need. If you would prefer to just make a collage digitally, don’t forget storage like a USB!


Prep for photos


If you opted out of your grad photos or just don’t want to use them, try a more casual look. Come out with your selfie game strong!


Create a backdrop or take a walk to find a cool backdrop you can use in your area. Have a great outfit in mind and some great jewelry to work with your photo!


Our cordless curling wand can create great curly hairstyles. Go for cool casual with a 70s shag, beach waves or a voluminous head of full curls. If you plan on making a statement with your hair, make sure any accessories–or your face mask–don’t compete for centre stage.


Take a few photos and a few poses so you can get the selfie of your dreams. And pay attention to your lighting!


Get a little crafty.


Make a scrapbook.


Craft your high school experience with construction paper, photos and cool collages.


Use any flyers or papers that you’ve got and remix any high school materials or old projects into the pages. Toss in any notes you used to pass along in class and any little mementoes for a full picture of this time.


Send off letters.


For you and your chosen friends, say goodbye to them and your high school memories with a letter. Have a pact to create and receive a letter from each person you include.


Or create your own yearbook. Have everyone create a picture perfect selfie and make their own book. Gather in small groups to write down dedications and messages or have your books make the rounds at your friends’ homes before it gets back to you.


Reminisce digitally.


Not a miracle worker with glue? Try documenting your time digitally. TikToks, Snapchat and Instagram DMs and Stories might have it all but for a dedicated place try Tribute.


Invite friends to make a Tribute to you. They’ll get the invitation to create a small video and upload it to the site. Then you’ll be able to craft your own keepsake video. Do the same for a few friends–it's the perfect way to share your favourite high school memories!


Create a collage.


Even if you can’t work your way around Photoshop or draw, you can create a great collage with Canva. Upload files and photos and when you’re done, save it and use the collage as a wallpaper for your phone!

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