Winter hair tips for the holidays

Easy winter hairstyles are possible–and chic–even when you’re bundled up! Pair them with some foolproof winter beauty tips to keep you looking good inside and outdoors.

Outdoor meetings

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

Texture is key to easy winter hairstyles–they make for forgiving styles that wear well and are tolerant of hat hair. You can also wear a headband to keep ears warm and toasty while leaving loose curls intact for coffee dates, dog walks or sidewalk shopping with your best friend!

Casual waves are a good look under a hat since any mussiness will look intentional. Take the removable clip off of our cordless curling iron to create your waves. If they look too uniform for your taste, wind your hair around the cordless hair straightener for relaxed bendy waves. Add extra texture and volume with a few sprays of the give me life dry shampoo, if desired.

Pair your looks with our chic silk non-medical mask to stay safe–and warm–outdoors!

Drive-by greetings and events

With many of us spending more time in our cars, take the cordless curling iron or cordless flat iron in the hot tool case for touch-ups in transit. Don’t forget to stash a few non-medical masks in the car!

Effortless waves made with our cordless hair straightener or brushed out waves made by our cordless convertible curling iron are great candidates for drive-in holiday events: put-together, but not too dressy to enjoy these events from the comfort of your car.

These textured easy winter hairstyles are also a good go-to choice for house visits. Deliver your greetings and your gifts–any of our holiday bundles are great candidates–to friends and family to their door.

Virtual visits

(Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels)

For great winter hair, beat the frizz and keep dehydrated hair at bay by incorporating hair serums or a hair mask into your hair routine.

Our cordless curling iron and cordless flat iron are versatile tools that can keep your video chats visually interesting–even when you find yourself repeating stories for the fifth time.

Create slightly textured waves with our cordless convertible curling iron by clamping on sections of hair and running the iron back and forth a few times. Or use it as a traditional iron, with its removable clip, for traditional ringlets. Either way, styling shouldn’t take long at all: our cordless hair tools are made of titanium, which retains and conducts heat better than ceramic tools.

There are just as many ways to style these curls and waves from either end of the spectrum. Leave hair loose or style your textured hair into chignons, a bun or twists. A few sprays of give me life dry shampoo should add overall texture or volume at the crown!

Or try a chic style with the cordless flat iron. Tame flyaways and light frizz with a few spritzes of our hold me down hairspray. Wear hair loose or pull it back into a sleek ponytail.

Finish off your look with red lipstick, a festive touch that will make your face pop on the screen!

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