Beauty routines for busy people

With the year coming to a close, it can feel like everything is closing in. Classes, exams and end-of-year projects collide with holiday activities, catch-up chats and well-deserved rest in a perfect storm of crippling overwhelm.

Getting ready shouldn’t be another thing that stresses you out. Hack your favourite way of burying your head under the sand and let it work for you! After all, looking good is a guaranteed way to feel good. And feeling good can lead to increased productivity.

Your elaborate routine for productive procrastination

Belisa cordless curling iron

Wishing your 10-step skincare routine had a few more steps? Us too, ironically in times of increased pressure. That’s apparently not uncommon–as many people have noticed when they stress clean. You start with one area and end up with a clean house. That deadline you were pushing back, though, is still there looming imposingly over you.

Besides the skincare routine, step it up with makeup. In addition to highlighting your lips–crucial to video meetings–focus on creating soft dimension with your favourite face product: blush, contour or bronzer. One–not all three–will be enough to create that much needed contrast that not even bad lighting and Zoom can erase.

To put all that time to good use, put a lecture on in the background as you get ready or review meeting notes in front of you as you prep for presentations.

For people who like focusing on details, get ready with our Belisa by Lunata cordless curling iron. The added clip allows for more control and polished curls. Wear your full curls loose or tie in up into a loose bun. Pair your look with an ironed top to look good and mean business.

Your necessary steps when you need to blast through your to-do list

 Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

(Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels)


Is it one of those days when even deciding what to wear is a hard decision? We’ve got you–although, you’re on your own with choosing which top to wear for the day.

Consolidate the skincare routine to just three steps: cleanse, moisturize and protect with sunscreen.

Tackle bloodshot eyes with some eye drops. Skip the makeup, but if you have to be on camera, swipe some lipstick on your lips. If lipstick isn’t your thing, try a tinted lip balm–and make it red!

Focus your precious attention to getting your hair in place. Thankfully our Belisa by Lunata cordless curling wand works with you to create effortless curls in a pinch. The 1” barrel is uniformly shaped to create consistent curls. The lack of a clip allows curls to look casually undone, not scruffy. Since waves aren’t meant to look uniform, they are a good choice that wears well on busy days. Or days when you don’t have the time or patience to touch up.

If you need to buckle down and focus without hair in your way, skip the elastics–and the headaches they create–with a claw clip to secure your up-do with style.

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist