Hairstyles for staying social while social distancing

Feeling a little antsy? With many of us cooped up at home, the only way to be social is in the great outdoors!

Staying chic while staying warm isn’t a uniquely 2020 problem, but creating enough diverse hairstyles for strictly outdoor meetings is! Check out a few of our favourite hairstyles you can try that can be styled quickly–and even on the go!



It can be hard to stay chic and look warm while you catch up with friends on park benches, walks around the city or other outdoor gatherings. 

A fun take on loose curls is the curly shag. Use your cordless curling wand to create your curls if you don’t want them to be exactly precise.

Opt for a cordless curling iron for uniform curls or if you want to curl your bangs–a very on-trend look. Take care to curl away from your face and only long enough for the curls to set!

Top your shag off with a beanie if you get cold or bundle up with a scarf!


Meeting for a meal? Don’t forget to bring a claw clip with you to pull back hair without the headache!

If you prefer tying hair up, try a curly loose low bun that will keep your hair off your plate and won’t tug on your scalp. Or opt for a curly high ponytail paired with a scrunchie for a fun look! And make sure to take the Make Me Last Dry Shampoo on your purse for a quick touch up.


If you’re planning on meeting a few friends, head to a deserted parking lot for a meeting. 

Running late? No problem–take our cordless hair tools on the road with you and style on the way!

The cordless curling wand and cordless curling iron both heat up quickly and can be easily adjustable up to a maximum of 400ºF. The wand and the iron hold a charge of up to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to curl your hair! Because both tools have titanium barrels, it’s important to not keep hair on the barrel for too long. Titanium is a great material to conduct heat, so you don’t need to curl sections for more than a couple seconds to get an even curl that lasts!

Stay warm and wear waves loose if you’re planning on catching up with friends for long chats outdoors.

The heating system in your car and the frigid air outside can combine for a mess of frizz and flyaways. Save your curls from that fate with some hair spray. Bring a travel-sized bottle with you to finish off your look. Finding one that doesn’t weigh your hair down can be as impossible as watching just one episode of your favourite show, but it doesn’t have to be. Look for an extra-fine mist with a firm hold to keep curls locked into place without the crunchy cast.

Try these hairstyles with the cordless curling wand or cordless curling iron the next time you meet new–and old–friends!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist