Hairstyles and hair tips to wear this winter

With many of us taking advantage of outdoor gatherings, hat hair might seem like one more thing we have to live with. But not so fast–our winter hair care tips and go-to winter hairstyles will leave you looking cute: hat or no hat!


With many of us connecting outside, the great outdoors is our friend.

Make sure to wear a non-medical face mask when you head outside. Our non-medical mask is 100% silk–soft on skin, breathable and includes a pocket for an extra layer. It also has adjustable ear loops.

Texture was a big thing for 2020 and this winter hair trend is still alive today. Create easy winter hairstyles with our cordless convertible curling iron/wand or easy waves with our cordless straightener. Loose curls or waves look cute under a beanie or work well with earmuffs or a knitted headband.



Keep winter hairstyles cute and functional while you ski or snowboard. If you’re wearing a helmet, try a simple French braid to keep hair off your face and avoid helmet hair.

When you’re off the slopes, undo your plait and use a gentle detangling brush to get rid of knots. Refresh hair with a few spritzes of the make me last dry shampoo onto your roots to eliminate any odour and grease.

Use the cordless convertible curling iron or cordless hair straightener to create loose waves for a cute hairstyle when you’re off the mountain.

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash


For an al fresco meal, try a grown-up take on pigtails.

Brush hair with a detangling brush or comb, paying special attention to the roots and upper section of the hair.

Curl only the sections you’ll be putting into pigtails with our cordless flat iron to save time. Let the curls cool, then divide hair into your pigtails. Pull the sections back tightly as you secure your pigtails for a cool contrast of straight and curly hair. Finish with the hold me down hair spray!


Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

For low-impact outdoor activities, loose waves are a chic way to keep warm with–or without a beanie.

Use the cordless convertible curling iron without the clip for bouncy waves or wind hair around the cordless flat iron for bendy S-shaped waves.

If you’re styling with freshly washed hair or want to add more texture and volume to your roots, try a few spritzes of the give me life dry shampoo. Finish with the hold me down hairspray to keep frizz to a minimum!


Try a combination braid and topknot–section the top away from the section you’ll braid with an alligator clip. Braid the hair by your nape into a Dutch or French braid and secure with an elastic. Combine the plait with the section you’ve set aside to make a messy topknot!

Check out the full range of solid styling products and cordless hair tools on our site to help you create cute hairstyles this winter!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist