Founders’ take: how to stay professional on the road

Three years ago, our founders–Monica and Stacey–launched Lunata to troubleshoot their own frustrations with travel hair tools. 

From the styler and styler plus+, Lunata has expanded to styling products, hair accessories, a convertible curling iron/wand, and the Unplugged Beauty collection.

While most trade conferences, business meetings and other work duties are still held digitally, there are some work trips that are unavoidable. Whether you need to travel to take care of critical tasks, stay in touch with high-level contacts or meet potential clients, packing for professionalism can be tricky.

It’s especially so when you’re packing light: a must for any busy professional which saves precious time–and money–from being wasted waiting at baggage claim.

And don’t forget, safety first! Make sure you pack a non-medical face mask with you–and an extra if you’re gone for a few days!

As seasoned light travellers, Monica and Stacey shared their tips on how to make the most of their work luggage!

What are your Top 3 items that you bring as a travelling entrepreneur?

MONICA: My laptop, a versatile blazer and Lunata tools!

STACEY: Laptop, ear pods and Lunata products! 

Which Lunata products do you bring with you the most or live in your luggage? 

MONICA: I like to curl my hair with the cordless convertible curling iron prior to my flight so I don’t have to worry too much during the trip if it's only a few days. I like to also bring the Hold Me Down hair spray. I’ll touch it up over the trip and use the mini Make Me Last dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh and clean.

If I need to fix up a few pieces here and there,
the Lunata tools are perfect as I can touch up anywhere, even in an Uber en route to a meeting!

STACEY: Our mini Make Me Last dry shampoo and our cordless convertible curling iron because you never know when you will be able to wash your hair! I always wash and blow dry my hair before a flight and don’t put in any products. Once I land, I use the dry shampoo and cordless curling iron. Styles last much longer and look amazing! I always have to make sure I have the curling iron fully charged for when I want to get ready in the taxi or at the airport! 

How much time and money have you saved by bringing your favourite Lunata products? 

MONICA: Prior to Lunata we’d always go to blow dry bars, which tend to be expensive. We’d also have to bring multiple products when travelling internationally–converters, adapters, etc.–with no guarantee that they actually work. We blew out a $300 iron on a trip to Ireland that was the inspiration behind Lunata!

STACEY: In the past, I would spend lots of money at salons getting blowouts. I’ve also bought tools in the different countries I would travel to and have had to leave tools because I knew they wouldn’t work back at home. I love being able to have one tool which works everywhere.


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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist