Your styling sidekick: the paddle brush

Sometimes styling isn’t perfect right out of the gate–even with the best tool out there! (And if you’re looking for a tool, may we suggest our cordless curling wand? Its 1” barrel makes it a versatile workhorse worthy of its presence on your bathroom counter!)


A good brush can be a great sidekick to your styling tools. It can fix a botched styling job, wonky sections and weird growing out phases that even your cordless curling wand can't save!


In times like these, a good brush can save you from feeling frustrated, pulling your hair out and starting over!


Choose the right brush


Not every brush is a great style companion. Our paddle brush is a go-to option when it comes to finishing styles.


The paddle brush is a great tool for all hair types, textures and lengths. Its wide surface area can make quick work out of smoothing and detangling even long, thick hair!


Its nylon bristles move gently through hair, minimizing frizz and static. On its own, it can be used wet or dry to detangle hair without the tears!


Section off to style


Our paddle brush will keep styling thick or unruly hair as frustration-free and orderly as possible!


Use the paddle brush to detangle and section hair before going in to style with your cordless curling wand. The paddle brush will separate sections into neat portions to make for easy styling.


Pin sections yet to be styled into place with a few alligator clips while you style hair with less stress! Sectioning will help save time, minimize flubs and streamline your hair routine!


Blowout buddy


Want to fake a salon visit? Create your blowout at home, care of your trusty hairdryer and our paddle brush!


Have your hairdryer follow your paddle brush as you brush through your hair, strands pulled taut, to create a sleek and straight style.


To create smooth roots and ends, have your brush follow your hairdryer as you brush hair forwards and down.


Tone it down


Our cordless curling wand has a versatile barrel that can deliver tight, full curls to loose waves. Have you got tighter curls than you were anticipating? Our paddle brush can smooth and soften curls without creating flyaways!


Have a section that isn't quite like the others? A few quick swipes of the paddle brush should smooth out wonky sections for uniform curls or waves. Finish with hairspray!


Upgrade your updo


Our cordless curling wand can create waves and curls that last more than a day with proper care. Get more mileage out of second- or third-day hair with a textured ponytail, half-do or bun!


The paddle brush’s nylon bristles gently grab hair without distrubing curls or waves!


Take care of the little details


If you find yourself with flyaways and baby hairs at your hairline, take your paddle brush or mini brush and tackle each trouble area with hairpins or hairspray.


If only you could tackle your mountain of to-dos this easily!

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Today was great and the Lunata was such a great addition to my kit!! It was the perfect size and the zero cord was the best!!

— Clariss Rubenstein, Celebrity Stylist